Monday, December 31, 2012

夜景レストラン - Frasers Restaurant

久々に訪れたKings ParkのFrasers restaurantは平日なのにやはり混んでいた。年末の忙しい時期でなくても、いつも満席のような気がする。今日は雨が降っていたが、普通は夜景もきれいで、観光、ビジネス、プライベートと用途もいろいろと使える。

It's been a while since I've been to Frasers restaurant in Kings Park. It was a weekday dinner but the restaurant was packed with customers. It seems that Frasers is busy regardless of the festive season. Rain spoiled the view tonight but it is usually offer a great view of Perth and a great dining spot for any purpose.

食事は前よりおいしくなった気がする。前菜はField mushroom。大人数ならcrisp fried soft shell crubを取り分けてもよい。
I think the quality of food became even better. Entree was field mushroom. Crisp fried soft shell crab may be a good option for a large group.

メインはお勧めのRed emperorに。口当たりよいマッシュポテトと一緒にどんどん食べられる。
Main choice was grilled red emperor. Perfectly seasoned mash potato enhanced flavour of the fish.

かなり大きいRed emperorの後のデザートはAffogatoに。添えられたValrhona チョコレートを見て、カンタス空港の旅を思い出した。デザート・メニューにはチュロスもある。
After finishing a large plate of red emperor, I chose Affogato as dessert. Valrhona chocolate reminded me of a trip by Qantas airways. Churros is also on the dessert menu.

Frasers has a private room which seats approximately 20 people - perfect for a corporate function. Carpark is a bit tricky to enter but this is still one of the best restaurant in Perth, particularly to entertain guests from overseas.

Saturday, December 29, 2012

おいしいブック - Michael Booth "Sushi & Beyond"

新聞や雑誌で活躍する、パリのコルドン・ブルー卒フードライター、Michael Boothの"Sushi & Beyond"はグルメの必読書だ。日本の「食」を追及するため、日本全国各地を詳細に渡り取材し、完璧なまでに日本の"おいしい”をこの本で紹介している。

Le Cordon Bleu trained journalist, Michael Booth's "Sushi & Beyond" is a must read for foodies. Michael traveled around Japan with his family to find the secret behind Japanese food. His pursuit for perfection to explore Japanese food makes the book a great read.

A great way to improve your English for a foodie (if English is your second language) .


Monday, December 24, 2012

定番週末マーケット - Station Street Market Subiaco

ジャム用のフルーツを買いに、スビアコのStation street marketへ。週末のみの営業で、新鮮で格安なフルーツや野菜を求める客でいつもにぎわっている。スーパーでは手に入りにくいフルーツなどもリーズナブルな価格なのが嬉しい。

This weekend started with a trip to the Station street market Subiaco - in a preparation for jam making. This busy market is open for weekends only. Fresh fruits and vegetable are very cheap and you can find unusual fruits which is often difficult to get from ordinary supermarkets.

価格はスーパーに比べて確実に25-50%は安い。マーケットなのでトロリーが使えず買いすぎると運ぶのに大変だが、大量に野菜・果物が必要な時は特に便利。マーケット内にはLa Gallette de  France などベーカリーなどもあるので、テイクアウェイ・コーヒーとクロワッサンを片手に買出し可能。

Grocery prices are definitely 25-50% cheaper than supermarkets. Only downside is that it could be quite heavy to carry shopping as there are no trolleys in the market. Station street market is a handy place to get large quantity of groceries. There are bakeries including La Gallette de France in the market, so make sure you fuel yourself with a takeaway coffee and a croissant to march on.


Thursday, December 20, 2012

パースのメルボルン  - The Trustee bar and bistro

仕事帰りに近くのthe Trustee Bar and Bistroで軽く食事を取った。ドアを抜けるとスーツ姿の客で一杯でまさしくメルボルン。皆「仕事が終わって一杯」と全く同じ目的で来ているようだ。

I went to the Trustee Bar and Bistro for a quick bite after work. Once you go through the glass door, it is Melbourne. The bar is full of people in business suits who are probably there for the very same reason - afterwork drink.

Black and white crab linguine, tomato fondue had a perfect al-dente pasta. Crab and tomato sauce was good too. As a classic Australian style (and I was hungry), I ordered chips as a side menu. You can choose either sofa and counter/table seats but you probably need to get whatever table/seats you can as it is usally very busy at around 5-7pm.


Sunday, December 16, 2012

ほっこりギフト ― Birthday cake

A good friend of mine who is always busy with work stayed up to midnight to bake a birthday cake. She did three test runs to get to the level she is happy with.

It looks and tastes great and more importantly this sweet gift made my heart sweet. The lingering joys of hand-made sweets gift.

ギフト用ケーキのレシピは下記の通り See below for a range of cake gift recipes

Thursday, December 13, 2012

5スターマッシュルーム・リゾット - Matt Moran

誕生日にシドニーの有名レストランAriaオーナー・シェフのMatt Moranのレシピ・ブックをもらったので、早速マッシュルーム・リゾット・レシピを再現。

A celebrity chef, Matt Moran's cooking book was the best birthday gift I received this year. His mushroom risotto recipe is simple but guarantee a great result.


Cook the rice by adding chicken stock slowley until the rice reach al-dente. Squieezing lemon at the end of the cooking made huge diffrenet and turn the dish into a restaurant level. I will try making a pumpkin resotto next time.


Tuesday, December 11, 2012

パースのベスト・パスタ - Spagetti Marinara at il Ciao

多分パースで一番おいしいと思う。Applecrossの人気イタリアン、il CiaoのSpaghetti Marinaraは時々すごく食べたくなる。パルメザンよりもチリのオリーブ・オイル漬けがよく合う。前菜サイズでもかなりボリュームがある。
I think it is the best pasta in Perth. I often have strong craving for il Ciao's Spaghetti Marinara. Go for chillies than Parmesan for this pasta. It  comes in both entree and main sizes but entree is large enough for one person.

1989年の開店以来常に人気のil Ciao。週末の午後6時過ぎには既に行列ができている。早めのディナーをお勧めする。
il Ciao has been popular ever since it opened its door in 1989. Customers usually form a long quere of customers by 6pm on the weekend. Go early.

詳細は下記の通り See below for more details

スパゲッティマリナラ レシピ Spaghetti Marinara recipe

Wednesday, December 5, 2012

おいしいカントリー - Bindoon Bakehaus & Cafe

パースからスワンバレーを抜けて車で約1時間ほど東にあるBindoon。アプリコットやオレンジ農園の多い小さいな田舎町のカフェを発見。Bindoon Bakehausはオーストラリア木材デザイン賞にもエントリーされた粋なカントリーデザインのカフェ。
Bindoon is about 1hr drive through Swan Valley, East of Perth. Bindooon has many apricots and orange orchards. Bindoon Bakehaue, an entrant of the Australia Timber Awards, is a chic country cafe.

様々なカントリー風ケーキやサンドイッチがあるのでかなり迷ったが、Bindoon Orange cakeに決定。しっとりしてオレンジのフレーバーたっぷりのケーキに大満足。
There were a wide range of country style cakes and sandwiches. Bindoon Orange cake was a good choice as it was moist and had strong fresh orange flavour.

詳細は下記の通り See below for more details

Saturday, December 1, 2012

新ベーカリー・カフェ発見-Small Print Baker & Roastery

先日報告したBrookfield Placeの地下に新ベーカリー・カフェができた。どこも人で一杯のBrookfield Placeにしては比較的すいている。地下(というより階段を下りたオープンな場所)の角なので通りがかりに立ち寄る人がすくないのか、とにかくラッキー。階毎にレストランのテーマが変わるThe Print Hallのカフェ版。店内にある小さなパン工房は必見。

Small Print Baker & Roastery is a new bakery cafe at Brookfield Place. It is usually busy everywhere at Brookfield place but this cafe is relatively quiet - maybe due to its "basement" location. I am sure it won't stay like this quiet for long. The cafe is part of the Print Hall - multi story/themed dining complex. Check out their "in-house" bakery.

The store is so relaxing, you almost forget the fact that you are in a middle of the City area. Outside table area is ideal for coffee or lunch at this time of the year in Perth. The cafe staff are very friendly too.

Cafe menu includes a range of sandwiches, croissants, pie and salad and the price is quite reasonable. The cafe is likely to be a regular weekday lunch spot.


Saturday, November 24, 2012

おいしい焼き飯 - Asian Cuisine

パースの北部からも車を飛ばしてやってくる客がいるというAsian Cuisine。本格的なアジア屋台料理が楽しめる。お店は複数のレストランがあるコンプレックスの「向かって右側」にある。忙しい平日の夕食に利用した。
It is rumoured that some of their customers come a long way from North of Perth. The popular eatery, Asian Cuisine offers authentic Malaysian chinese hawker food. This tiny shop is located one on the right hand side of the complex.

Salted fish &chickenの焼き飯のおいしさにびっくり。2人で分けれるぐらいのボリュームで、それも$10以下。小さな店内なので、フライパンからお皿に移して3秒ぐらいでテーブルに届く。久々においしい焼き飯を食べることができて大満足。
Look at this salted fish & chicken fried rice. It was amazingly delicious and large enough to share. To top it off, it is less than $10. As the restaurant is very small, you get to taste this fantastic fried rice within a few second from being cooked in a pan. This fried rice is worth trying.

Chicken rendang (アジア風カレー)もライムの葉の香りと合い、なかなかの出来。チキンライスもかなりおいしいとの噂。
Chicken rendang with lime leaves were also very nice.I heard that their chicken rice is pretty good too.

Retro interior makes you feel like you are dining in somewhere in Asia.

Asian Cuisine
113 Collins Road, Willetton WA

Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Japanese rice crackers -日本のえび煎餅


Luckly, I received another Oishi gift, this time, prawn crackers from Japan. There are a lot to learn about Japanese crackers. Millions of flavours are available and average quality is incredibly high. Subtle difference in shape and  flavours are expressed in naming - for examples  "Ebi-mirin" and "Mini curry" in this instance.

Although there are many varieties of Japanese crackers, the National Crackers Industrial Union classifies crackers into two main categories - those made from glutenious rice (arare, okaki, age-mochi) and the other (senbei) made from short grain white rice.

煎餅 (Senbei)

1.焼き煎餅 Pan-fried Senbei
-草加型(かため)Souka style (hard)
-新潟型(やわらかめ)Niigata style (soft)
-ぬれせんべい Wet senbei

2.揚げ煎餅 Deep-fried Senbei


In this case, "Ebi-mirin" is classified as deep-fried and "Mini curry" is pan fried.

It may be still some time before a Japanese senbei store comes to Perth.


Saturday, November 17, 2012

おいしいお土産 - Lebanese pastries

It is always nice to receive an "Oishi gift". This Lebanese pastries came directly from Lebanon, the country once called as "Paris in the Middle East".

パースにはケーキ店やベーカリーのように出来たてを販売するレバニーズ・スウィーツ店がないので、なかなかおいしいレバニーズ・スウィーツが手に入らない。シドニーやメルボルンにはあるので東部州からのお土産としてKrispy Cremeよりオリジナルで面白い。どうしてもフレッシュなレバニーズ・スウィーツがすぐ食べたい、という時は自分で作ろう。市販のものと全く味が違うので試す価値あり。
Unlike Sydney or Melbourne, there is no Lebanese pastry retailers Perth. Lebanese sweets are a good food gift alternative to Kripy Creme when coming back from the Eastern States. You can bake them at home if you would like to try fresh Lebanese pastries. It is worth the effort, freshly baked Lebanese sweets taste totally different.


Wednesday, November 14, 2012

イタリアン・ブレッド - Vastese Bakery

注文のタイミングが合わず、Robさんのsourdoughの在庫が切れてしまった。今さらスーパーの袋入りパンには戻れないので、Vastese bakeryのイタリアン・ブレッドで凌ぐことに。多くのイタリアン・デリで利用されているパンは、トーストして食べるとフレーバがあっておいしい。

Rob's sourdough is out of stock at the moment (in my pantry) - until next order. There is no way that I can go back to "a plastic bread" - bread in a plastic bag at supermarket, so I resorted to Vastese bakery's Italian bread. Many continental deli and cafes use Vastese bakery's bread. It has a good texture and nicer when it is toasted.


Sunday, November 11, 2012

チェリージャム - Morello cherry jam


Jam making season is coming up. I tried this year's first batch with new season strawberry but flavour is still not optimal for jam making. Morello cherry jar came handy until full flavoured fruits become available in the market.


Morello cherry has very dark skin, flash and juice. Morellos are suitable for desserts such as cherry pie, sauce and jam. Bottled (pitted) morello cherries are available at import grocery stores.

All I need to do is to cook the Morellos with the syrup and add 300g sugar. A good option in winter jam making.


Wednesday, November 7, 2012

sourdoughパン教室開催 - Sourdough class


Yoke, who runs a quality sourdough class near Garden City shopping centre, just issued the lastest sourdough class information (for Nov and Dec 2012). Yoke is very well known for her sourdough books and a number of featured articles in magazines. I love her passion for 'good, healthy food'. Once you attend her sourdough class, you will receive complimentary sourdough starter. Her class usually run for abour 4 hours and full of 'oishi' information and tasting. It is definitely worth attending the class. Yoke has many regular students.

See below for details of Yoke's sourdough classes in November and December.
Christmas Sourdough Class:All panettone, christmas cake and stollen can be made now & stored ready for christmas.
wild sourdough classes NOV-DEC 2012:
·         Beginners Sourdough class (4hr hands-on) SUN NOV 11th - 10am till 2pm
·         Sourdough with Thermomix (4.5hr hands-on) SAT NOV 3rd, DEC 8th - 10am till 2.30pm
·         Christmas Sourdough class with Thermomix ((4hr hands-on) SAT NOV 24th, TUE NOV 27th - 10am till 2pm
·         Christmas Sourdough class (4hr hands-on) THUR NOV 29th, SAT DEC 1st - 10am till 2pm
·         Sourdough Gluten Free class (4hr hands-on and w Thermomix), SAT DEC 15th - 10am till 2pm

mobile: 0412 272327


Saturday, November 3, 2012

パーフェクト・ローストチキン - How to cook like Heston

30時間超のモントリオールからの帰り道、機内でイギリスのセレブ・シェフHeston Blumenthalの"How to cook like Heston"を全シリーズ観ることができた。忘れないうちにHestonのパーフェクト・ローストチキン・レシピに挑戦した。
I managed to watch the full series of "How to cook like Heston" - a TV cooking show by UK's celebrity chef, Heston Blumenthal during 30+ hours flights back from Montreal. I tried to recreate his perfect Roast chicken while my memory is fresh in mind.

Key point is to soak the chicken in brine over night (in a fridge). Wipe the excess water with a kitchen paper and bake in a slow oven (Heston set his oven at 90c but I tested the recipe at 130c) for 2 hours. Once chicken is cooked in the low heat oven, turn the oven to high heat (220-230c) and brown the chicken for 20min.

It made a big difference in the final result. Slow cooking produced a moist roast chicken, full of natural flavours. The key to success is 'soaking in a brine water' and 'slow cooking at low heat'.

It is worth trying Heston's roast chicken recipe on a weekend.


Wednesday, October 31, 2012

帰国日ディナー - Must Bar

長期出張から帰った日は時差ボケにも負けず、Must Barでディナーを取った。偶然ではなくMust Bar dinner に合わせて帰ってきた、という方が正しいかもしれない。
I had dinner at Must Bar on the day I came back from a long work trip. In fact, I made sure I came back to Perth for the "Must Bar dinner".

店内が暗かったのできれいな写真が取れなったが、スターターのCharcuterie plate をつまみに話が弾む。Charcuterie はフランス語でcooked meatを意味し、パテやテリーヌなどと酸味の利いたサイドの盛り合わせ。バゲットとよく合う。
The above photo doesn't convey the real quality but charcuterie plate (starter) enhances table conversation. Charcuterie means "cooked meat" in French. Charcuterie plate is a plate of cold/cooked meat with various acidic and savory garnishes. It goes be very well with fresh baguette.

Main menus such as angel pasta and steak are quite big and priced at Perth prices!


Saturday, October 27, 2012

おいしい遠回り - A long way home to Perth

パースから見ると地球のちょうど反対側になるモントリオールからは、どっちの方向を選んでも帰りの道のりは長い。ずっと同じ方向で突き進んでNew York, Los Angeles, Sydney経由で戻ることになった。
It is a very long way home regardless of the trip direction from Montreal, the other side of the Earth from Perth. I continued on heading West via New York, Los Angeles and Sydney to go back to Perth.

New Yorkでの乗り継ぎ時間が長かったので、JFK空港での食事を楽しみにしていたのに、ファースト・フード店ばかりでがっかり。ラウンジ内の食事もチップスやクッキーが・・・低脂肪商品が多かったが、低脂肪チップスを食べるぐらいなら、果物の方がずっと良いような気がする。
I was looking forward to foods & drinks at JFK airport as I had long transit time in New York. I got to the gate only to find fast food stores and 'not-so-healthy' food stores. Chips and cookies were the main food items in the transit lounge too.

映画2本、新聞3部、雑誌3冊、本1冊をクリアした長距離フライト後、シドニーについた時のFlat whiteがおいしかった。やっぱりオーストラリアはおいしい。
Flat white in Sydney after the long haul flight tasted extra special. Australia is oishi.

Wednesday, October 24, 2012

おいしい遠回り - Multicultural Montreal

Multicultural Montreal offers the most diverse (and high quality) food culture, particularly European style is very strong in the city. I decided to focus on "Greek" and "Portuguese" during this flying visit.

There is an area in the north of the City where many Greek restaurants are located. One of the best Greek restaurant "Milos" let customers choose a fish of their choice and cook according to the customer's likings.

市内にあるポルトガル・カフェ「バスコ・ダ・ガマ」では、本格ポルトガルのカスタード・タルトが食べられる。Pasteis de nataが正確な名称。
Vasco Da Gama, a Portughese cafe in the city, offers an authentic Portughese custard tart (called "Pasteis de nata")


Saturday, October 20, 2012

おいしい遠回り - Long way home (Montreal)

I took a long way home and flew from London to Montreal to do some work there. I managed to get to Montreal on a weekend by 7 hours direct flight from London.

フランス語圏(皆英語も話すが、第一言語はフランス語)のモントリオールには、ファーマーズ・マーケットがたくさんある。市内から近いMarche Jean Talon(Jean Talonマーケット)を訪問。
Although most of people in Montreal can speak English, French is the first language here. Montreal has many farmers markets. I went to Marche Jean Talon (Jean Talon) located just outside the city centre.

According to a Montreal based friend of mine, the prices are relatively higher than import products as the market supports local farmers/product. It doesn' matter - there are plenty of samples to try and all extremely delicious and full of flavours.


Wednesday, October 17, 2012

おいしいロンドン(最終編)- Books for Cooks

今回のロンドン最終編はNotting HillのBooks for Cooks。料理に関する本だけを集めたおいしい本屋さん。レシピだけでなく、料理小説、エッセイなどもあり、様々なレシピを検証するキッチン、カフェも併設している。小さなお店だが1時間は余裕で過ごせる。料理教室も開催している。
Final version of this round of London stories is about "Books for Cooks" in Notting Hill. This little bookstore is full of cooking books and foodie books/essays. There are a cafe and a test kitchen to put cooking books to the test. Cookery classes are also held in the demonstration kitchen upstairs.

立ち読みに疲れてカフェで一息ついたところ、今回食べた中で一番おいしいケーキに出会うことができた(Plum caramel cake)
It was fortunate to stop over at the cafe after reading too many books as the plum caramel cake was the best I've had in London this time.


Saturday, October 13, 2012

おいしいロンドン - Recipease

Notting Hillにはジェイミー・オリバーのお店Recipeaseもある。食材店、料理教室、キッチンウェア、カフェが併設されている総合グルメストアで、朝早くからオープンしている。
One of Jamie Olivers "Recipease" store is located in Notting Hill. Recipease offer a comprehensive gourmet experience to customers ranging from gourmet grocery, cooking class, kitchenware and cafe. It is open from early in the morning.

Breakfast at the cafe upstairs was fantastic but it is difficult to sit back and relax with a long line of customers waiting to get in and staff looking restless after customers finish their meals......