Saturday, November 24, 2012

おいしい焼き飯 - Asian Cuisine

パースの北部からも車を飛ばしてやってくる客がいるというAsian Cuisine。本格的なアジア屋台料理が楽しめる。お店は複数のレストランがあるコンプレックスの「向かって右側」にある。忙しい平日の夕食に利用した。
It is rumoured that some of their customers come a long way from North of Perth. The popular eatery, Asian Cuisine offers authentic Malaysian chinese hawker food. This tiny shop is located one on the right hand side of the complex.

Salted fish &chickenの焼き飯のおいしさにびっくり。2人で分けれるぐらいのボリュームで、それも$10以下。小さな店内なので、フライパンからお皿に移して3秒ぐらいでテーブルに届く。久々においしい焼き飯を食べることができて大満足。
Look at this salted fish & chicken fried rice. It was amazingly delicious and large enough to share. To top it off, it is less than $10. As the restaurant is very small, you get to taste this fantastic fried rice within a few second from being cooked in a pan. This fried rice is worth trying.

Chicken rendang (アジア風カレー)もライムの葉の香りと合い、なかなかの出来。チキンライスもかなりおいしいとの噂。
Chicken rendang with lime leaves were also very nice.I heard that their chicken rice is pretty good too.

Retro interior makes you feel like you are dining in somewhere in Asia.

Asian Cuisine
113 Collins Road, Willetton WA

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