Monday, December 24, 2012

定番週末マーケット - Station Street Market Subiaco

ジャム用のフルーツを買いに、スビアコのStation street marketへ。週末のみの営業で、新鮮で格安なフルーツや野菜を求める客でいつもにぎわっている。スーパーでは手に入りにくいフルーツなどもリーズナブルな価格なのが嬉しい。

This weekend started with a trip to the Station street market Subiaco - in a preparation for jam making. This busy market is open for weekends only. Fresh fruits and vegetable are very cheap and you can find unusual fruits which is often difficult to get from ordinary supermarkets.

価格はスーパーに比べて確実に25-50%は安い。マーケットなのでトロリーが使えず買いすぎると運ぶのに大変だが、大量に野菜・果物が必要な時は特に便利。マーケット内にはLa Gallette de  France などベーカリーなどもあるので、テイクアウェイ・コーヒーとクロワッサンを片手に買出し可能。

Grocery prices are definitely 25-50% cheaper than supermarkets. Only downside is that it could be quite heavy to carry shopping as there are no trolleys in the market. Station street market is a handy place to get large quantity of groceries. There are bakeries including La Gallette de France in the market, so make sure you fuel yourself with a takeaway coffee and a croissant to march on.


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