Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Japanese rice crackers -日本のえび煎餅


Luckly, I received another Oishi gift, this time, prawn crackers from Japan. There are a lot to learn about Japanese crackers. Millions of flavours are available and average quality is incredibly high. Subtle difference in shape and  flavours are expressed in naming - for examples  "Ebi-mirin" and "Mini curry" in this instance.

Although there are many varieties of Japanese crackers, the National Crackers Industrial Union classifies crackers into two main categories - those made from glutenious rice (arare, okaki, age-mochi) and the other (senbei) made from short grain white rice.

煎餅 (Senbei)

1.焼き煎餅 Pan-fried Senbei
-草加型(かため)Souka style (hard)
-新潟型(やわらかめ)Niigata style (soft)
-ぬれせんべい Wet senbei

2.揚げ煎餅 Deep-fried Senbei


In this case, "Ebi-mirin" is classified as deep-fried and "Mini curry" is pan fried.

It may be still some time before a Japanese senbei store comes to Perth.


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