Wednesday, November 7, 2012

sourdoughパン教室開催 - Sourdough class


Yoke, who runs a quality sourdough class near Garden City shopping centre, just issued the lastest sourdough class information (for Nov and Dec 2012). Yoke is very well known for her sourdough books and a number of featured articles in magazines. I love her passion for 'good, healthy food'. Once you attend her sourdough class, you will receive complimentary sourdough starter. Her class usually run for abour 4 hours and full of 'oishi' information and tasting. It is definitely worth attending the class. Yoke has many regular students.

See below for details of Yoke's sourdough classes in November and December.
Christmas Sourdough Class:All panettone, christmas cake and stollen can be made now & stored ready for christmas.
wild sourdough classes NOV-DEC 2012:
·         Beginners Sourdough class (4hr hands-on) SUN NOV 11th - 10am till 2pm
·         Sourdough with Thermomix (4.5hr hands-on) SAT NOV 3rd, DEC 8th - 10am till 2.30pm
·         Christmas Sourdough class with Thermomix ((4hr hands-on) SAT NOV 24th, TUE NOV 27th - 10am till 2pm
·         Christmas Sourdough class (4hr hands-on) THUR NOV 29th, SAT DEC 1st - 10am till 2pm
·         Sourdough Gluten Free class (4hr hands-on and w Thermomix), SAT DEC 15th - 10am till 2pm

mobile: 0412 272327


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