Sunday, June 17, 2012

究極のバター- Lurpak

Robのおいしいsourdoughを食べるにはバターにも気を使う。スーパーで入るLurpakは他の市販バターに比べて価格は少し高めだが、一度culture butterを使うと他のバターは食べられなくなってしまう。
It is important to choose a quality butter to enjoy Rob's sourdough. Lurpak, available at most supermarkets, is an ultimate butter to go with quality bread. It is a bit pricey compared to other 'normal' butters but it's worth spendning a little extra.  These is no going back once switched to a culture butter.

Cultured Butter is butter made from cream that is cultured with active bacteria (similar to yogurt) and has a distinctive, slightly tangy taste (source: / Stock up in your fridge!


Wednesday, June 13, 2012

ミニ・フランス -La Galette de France (South Perth)

サウスパースにあるフレンチ・カフェLa Galette de Franceはスタッフ同士でフランス語会話が飛び交うカフェ。人が出入りして勢いもある。犬連れの場合はドッグ・ビスケットのサービスも。
A little France in South Perth. You can hear French conversation behind the counter and the little shop is full of buzz. You can receive free dog biscuits if you are with your dog.

Great weekend coffee option with quality French pastries/sweets.


Saturday, June 9, 2012

かわいいタイ料理 - Plenty

パース市内のShafto LaneのBurger Bistro隣にできたタイ料理のPlenty。本格タイ料理が気軽に楽しめる。春巻きとグリーンカレーがおいしかった。
There is a new Thai restaurant next to Burger Bistro at Shafto Lane in the City. Plenty serves authentic Thai food in a casual environment. Spring rolls and green curry were better than expected.

Key feature of this store is its lovery staff. It is rare that you get a friendly service with smile. It is a great option when you need fast quality Thai food.