Saturday, September 28, 2013

おいしいお土産 – 文明堂さんどらBunmeido Dorayaki


I was given a box of “Sandora” – western style “Dorayaki” made by Bunmeido as a gift from Japan (I haven’t been able to define “western style” dorayaki yet).  Japanese sweets is on the top of my souvenir (to receive!) list. When  you are away from Japan, it makes it extra special to enjoy the delicacy of Japanese sweets.


As “Sandora” dorayaki are available at selected Bunmeido stores only, they are not advertised on the Bunmeido website. There are multiple “Bunmeido”s in Japan and each operates as an independent entity. Castella or Mikasayama (Bumeido’s signature dorayaki) are worth trying – enjoy the quality developed over Bumeido’s 113 years of history.


Wednesday, September 25, 2013

クレアモントでの朝食 - Lemon

クレアモント駅前の通りを南下し、クレアモント・クオーター・ショッピング・センターの向かい側のBayview Terraceへ通じるLemon  カフェ。この裏道にあるLemon の朝食メニューが気に入った。メルボルンの裏道カフェのよう。

Lemon Lane leads to Bayview Terrace in Claremont  - opposite side to the popular Claremont Quarter shopping centre. You can find a Melbourne style lane café ‘Lemon’ there. Lemon offers a great range of breakfast menu. 

Lemon does all day breakfast on weekends. A big plate of quality breakfast is a great way to start your gourmet weekend.

Saturday, September 21, 2013

サウスパースの一流ブランチ – Gusto Food

外観で判断するなかれ。ヨーロッパ食材店Scuttiでの買い物前にふらっと立ち寄ったAngelo streetGusto Food。人が多いはずだ。次から次へと出てくるおいしそうなブランチ・メニューにかなり驚いた。

Don’t judge by its humble appearance. Gusto Food on Angelo Street is a top quality brunch spot in South Perth. I dropped in  at the café for the first time before going to grocery shopping at Scutti, a nearby European grocer.

To my regret, I was already full as I left the house after breakfast. All I could do was just to see other people’s brunch with envy.....

I promised to myself to return to Gusto with empty tummy.


Wednesday, September 18, 2013

クレアモントのグルメ食品店 – Liquorice

クレアモント駅近くのClaremont Quarter内のグルメ食品店Liquorice(リクリッシュ)へ行くと、小さい頃に近所のお菓子屋へ行く度に覚えた感激を思い出す。
Liquorice is located in Claremont Quarter – a high end shopping centre near Claremont station. Entering into Liquorice brings back a fond memory of (and excitement associated with) a sweets shop near the house I grew up.

Liquorice’s products range includes not only chocolates and lollies but snack items and unusual imported gourmet foods.


It is good fun to put a bit of everything into a paper bag, browse through a wide range of spices and read cooking books. While it is a small shop, I always end up spending long hours.

This is a great spot to drop in when you visit Claremont Quarter.



Saturday, September 14, 2013

簡単デザート – Cheat's dessert ideas “Sara Lee”

忙しい平日の夜でも食後のデザートは必ず食べたい。Sara Leeのデザートシリーズはオーブンで20-30分あっという間にできる。アイスクリームを沿えて簡単デザートのできあがり。働き者の味方デザートだ。

I don’t want to miss a dessert after dinner no matter how busy I am during a week. Sara Lee’s frozen dessert series are the perfect mid-week solution. It only takes 20-30min in an oven to prepare a quick dessert. A scoop of ice cream will add a nice finishing touch. 


アプリコットの他にも、ブルーベリー、アップル、カスタードなどあるので、色々と試したい。In addition to Apricot Danish (see photo), a variety of Danish/strudel is available including custard, blueberry and apple. It is worth trying them all.


Wednesday, September 11, 2013

眺めの良いカフェ – Moana Coffee

Hay Street側のDavid Jones近くにある復元建築された歴史を感じさせるMoana Chambersビル内の2階(1st floor)にあるMoana Coffee。バルコニーからの眺めはほっとする。春の訪れを感じるこの時期に最適のカフェだ。
Moana Coffee is located in Moana Chambers building, a restored heritage building in the Hay Street Mall near David Jones. The café has a great view from its balcony. This is a fantastic lunch/coffee spot, particularly this time of the year in Perth.
街行く人々を眺めながら静かにFive sensesのコーヒーが飲め隠れ家スポット。2階から見るとシティが違って見えて面白い。

This café can be a secret spot to enjoy people watching from the top. Enjoy Perth city from a slightly different angle.


Saturday, September 7, 2013

バゲット・リサーチ – One 2wo 5ive

パリにしばらく暮らしていたエリザベスから、本格バゲット発見、という情報を入手し車を飛ばしてNedlandsへ。以前はLa Gallette de Franceが運営していたカフェが新オーナーのもと、One 2wo 5ive カフェに代わっていた。

Elizabeth, who lived in Paris for a while, found an authentic baguette in Nedlands. One 2wo 5ive café is located in a former La Gallete de France on Broadway and offer a range of pretty sweets, pastries and light snacks.

Their Parisian style Baguette have fantastic flavour. It is light with good crust. I can probably eat a whole baguette. This is probably the most “French” in the baguette research samples I tested so far. Other pastries like croissants looked good too.

You can eat in but I opted for bulk-buy takeaway this time. Look at this long plastic bag to protect baguette  from rain.  Impressive attention for details.

I am sure I will be back here next weekend to secure my baguette stock.


Wednesday, September 4, 2013

プチ・アーケード・カフェ – Mo Espresso

シティのHay StreetSt Georges Terraceを繋ぐTrinity Arcade 内に小さなカフェ、Mo Espressoを発見。アートな椅子と壁のディスプレイが良い感じで、小さい店内ながらも昼のピーク時をはずすと結構ゆっくりできる。

I recently found “Mo Espresso”, a tiny café in Trinity Arcade in the City. Arty décor fits very well with the small café and the ambience of Trinity Arcade.

店名から伺えるようにコーヒーが売りのようで、きっちり淹れられたFlat whiteは合格点。シティでの休憩できる場所がまた増えた。
Coffee is good here. It looks like lots of care has gone into the quality of the coffee. This is a great addition to the City’s coffee scene.