Wednesday, February 27, 2013

牛乳瓶ついに発見 - Milk bottle

Bannister Downs Farmのミルクをおいしく飲むためにガラスのボトルを購入。なかなか思ったようなデザインのものが見つからなかったが、CityのCut It Outでついに発見。ボトルで保管すると取り扱いやすい上にミルクがさらにおいしく感じられる。

I bought a glass bottle to keep Bannster Downs Farm’s milk. It was really hard to find a suitable design but I finally found one at Cut It Out store in the City. The glass bottle makes it easier to handle milk and even tastier.

It is exciting to see an old fashioned milk bottle every time I open my fridge door.

Saturday, February 23, 2013

駅前カフェ(スビアコ) - Louis Baxters

スビアコ駅のエスカレーターを上がってすぐの場所にあるLouis Baxtersでは、しっかりと作られたコーヒーが飲める。マスター・シェフ番組で出会ったペアが練りに練ったコンセプトでスタートしたカフェ。Campo Coffeeがおいしい。ミルクはもちろんBannister Downs farm。

Louis Baxters, located near the escalator to Subiaco station, were created by a pair who met at the set of Master chef programme. The cafe serves great coffee, Campos coffee and Bannister Down farm milk - great choice.

The small but cool cafe is a great coffee stop before grocery shopping at the Subiaco station market.


Wednesday, February 20, 2013

イタリアン・カフェ - Gino's cafe & Trattoria

Gino's cafe is located in the best area of the famous Capuccino strip in Frementle. Patience is a key here as you need to wait for your coffee in a caotic cafe after ordering at the counter. It reminds me of my friend's story of caotic expresso bar in Italy.

Probably this is not a place to talk about quality of food, coffee or service. It will be best to enjoy watching people and cars go past the street. Maybe a great place for a test run if you have a plan to visit Italy.


Saturday, February 16, 2013

駅前本格カフェ(フリーマントル) - il Cibo cafe

フリーマントル駅から歩道を渡った所にあるil Cibo。店内の本格キッチンで作るフードやスイーツを求め、週末も朝早くから賑わっている。グルメ・マフィンが売り切れる前に早起きしてカフェ訪問。
il Cibo cafe is located across the road from Fremantle train station. There is a good size kitchen in the cafe, producing great food and sweets from early morning. No wonder this cafe is a local favourite for weekend breakfast. I woke up early on a weekend to get there before il Cibo's famous muffins are sold out.

Sweets, coffee and food - all good. I saw some negative comments about their service in other gourmet comments but I didn't notice any downside during my stay. There are a wide range of seating options including outdoor, table, counter and sofas.


Wednesday, February 13, 2013

おいしいミルク - Bannister Downs Farm

味が全然違う。偶然買ったBannister Downs Farmのナイロン・ポーチ入りクリームを使ってパスタソースを作ったところ、おいしさが倍増してうれしい驚き。素材の質がこんなに味に反映するなんて。
What a nice surprise. It tastes totally different. I bought Bannister Downs Farm's fresh cream (in a plastic pouch) to make pasta sauce. It tasted 100% better than normal cream sauce. It is a nice surprise to know the quality of cream improve a dish so much.

家族経営のBannister Downs Farmはパースから南西に車で4時間の場所に位置する小さな酪農の村Northcliffにあり、毎日950頭の生乳を収集している。
A family owned/run Bannister Downs Farm is located in Northcliff in the South West, 4 hours drive from Perth, milking approximately 950 cows on a daily basis.

ロイヤル・ショーやオーストラリア酪農大賞など数々の賞を受賞しているBannister Downs Farmの製品は、おいしいコーヒーを出すカフェを見つけると大抵ここの牛乳を使っている。伝統的な酪農業を行い添加物を一切使っていない。高品質の味を保持するため低温殺菌を行うことにより、たんぱく質の分解を防ぎ、生乳収集後すぐにパッキングを行い2-4時間後には出荷されている。
The award winning Bannister Downs Farm's products are a result of the farm's strict quality control policy.  Their products have no additives and their low temperature pasteurisation method reduces the level of mill proteins destruction. High quality milk is packed straightway and sent to shops within 2-4 hours from collecting from their cows.

See below for more details including retail outlets.

Saturday, February 9, 2013

クリスタルのビスコッティ - Cranberry & almond biscotti

Crystal, my colleague, makes cranberry and almond biscotti to die for. I followed Crystal's recipe to make the moreish biscotti.

The key is to slice the biscotti as thin as possible before the second bake. It is best to use a sharp knife.

Hand-made biscotti tastes great and is perfect for a gourmet gift.

レシピ詳細は下記の通り See below for the recipe

Wednesday, February 6, 2013

静かなフリーマントル - George Street Bistro

いつも人で一杯のフリーマントルの少し手前のEast Fremantle、George Streetには色々なカフェ、レストラン、ブティックがある。静かで落ち着いた雰囲気の上にフリーマントルらしい潮風もあり良い感じ。
East Fremantle is located on the way to the busy Fremantle centre. George Street, East Fremantle is a home to quality cafe, restaurants and boutique. The quiet historic area with sea breeze has an unique ambiance.

グルメ食品を扱うデリが併設されているGeorge Street Bistroはパンからケーキ、スープやストックまで徹底的に手作りにこだわっている。コーヒーもシティのVelvetに負けない程おいしい。  George Street Bistro is all about good food. They make everything from breads, cakes, soups and stock. Coffee was as good as, if not, better than Velvet in the city. There is a delicatessen next door where you can purchase gourmet foods.

Sunday, February 3, 2013

母の料理 - Mum's food

Mum's food - the best in the world. This is actually an universal response beyond nationality/culture when asked about the best food that they have ever had.

Mum's nikujyaga on the night before returning to Perth. It is such a special occasion, I could keep eating it all day.  I made sure that the memory of nikujyaga stays in my mind and tummy until the next time.