Wednesday, October 31, 2012

帰国日ディナー - Must Bar

長期出張から帰った日は時差ボケにも負けず、Must Barでディナーを取った。偶然ではなくMust Bar dinner に合わせて帰ってきた、という方が正しいかもしれない。
I had dinner at Must Bar on the day I came back from a long work trip. In fact, I made sure I came back to Perth for the "Must Bar dinner".

店内が暗かったのできれいな写真が取れなったが、スターターのCharcuterie plate をつまみに話が弾む。Charcuterie はフランス語でcooked meatを意味し、パテやテリーヌなどと酸味の利いたサイドの盛り合わせ。バゲットとよく合う。
The above photo doesn't convey the real quality but charcuterie plate (starter) enhances table conversation. Charcuterie means "cooked meat" in French. Charcuterie plate is a plate of cold/cooked meat with various acidic and savory garnishes. It goes be very well with fresh baguette.

Main menus such as angel pasta and steak are quite big and priced at Perth prices!


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