Sunday, September 30, 2012

ロイヤル・ショー- Perth Royal Show

1年に1度のパースのお祭りRoyal Showは交通渋滞ができるほどの大盛況。遊園地エリアやカントリーの動物ショー・コンテストが人気だが、数年前にトライしたお菓子作りコンテストの状況を伺いに行った。
Perth Royal Show, the annual event in Perth, is extremely popular with locals. Amusement park rides and animal shows attracted many from all over Western Australia, but the aim of today's visit is to investigate the current status of cookery competition. It's been 2-3 years since I entered for the first time.

Under a strict judging, top 3 rankings are announced for each category. Banana cake, carrot cake and fruit cake categories seemed very competitive.

There was no way I could make time to participate this year but the visit to the Cooking pavilion was so inspiring, I am considering double entries of baking and jam making next year.



Sunday, September 23, 2012

週末のフリーマントル - The Attic

久々にパースでゆっくりできる週末は朝早くフリーマントルへ。カプチーノ通りから入れる裏道Bannister Streetにあるthe Atticは既に朝食の活気で一杯。
It's been a while to have a quiet weekend in Perth. An early morning trip to Fremantle led to a coffee break at the Attic. The Attic is located on Bannister Street, just off Capucinno strip.

The cafe offers a range of home made favourites, making it difficult to choose from. Coffee is good as well

The attic 2階はアートな雰囲気漂うインテリアで、レトロな椅子に座ってゆっくり時間が過ごせる。
Arty attic area and old-fashioned chairs generate great relaxed feel.


Wednesday, September 19, 2012

おいしいイギリス最終編 -Room service

パースへ戻る前夜は、さすがに疲れてきたのとスーツケースのパッキングのため、ルームサービスを取った。実はいつも利用するホテルのClubhouse Sandwichがすごくおいしいので、滞在中必ず1度はルームサービスにしている。
I took a room service option on the night before a long trip home to Perth - I was finally getting a bit tired and still had my suitcase to pack! Actually, clubhouse sandwich on the room service menu is very good at this hotel.
Heinz mayonnaise add to the perfect combination of egg, bacon, tomato and lettuce. The plate is accompanied by mini bottles of mustard, mayonnairse, ketchup and the sandwiches are cut into triangular shape - similar to how it is served in Japan.
Suitcase packed, time to go home.

Sunday, September 16, 2012

おいしいイギリス -The Frontline club

おいしいイギリス編、今度はPaddington のthe Frontline Club。結構有名なジャーナリズム・クラブだが、併設しているレストランは大人気。去年は予約が取れなかったので、10ヶ月前にファンクション・ルームをようやく確保。
The Frontline Club is the London hub for a diverse group of people united by their passion for the best quality journalism ( The club's restaurant is also popular with locals. I finally secured the function room for the first time by booking10month in advance.  
季節に応じてメニューが変わり、地元の新鮮な素材を生かしたイギリス料理が楽しめる。Menu changes every month to reflect the season's produce. The Frontline club restaurant offers great British cuisine using fresh local ingredients.
今回のチョコレート・タルトのアイスクリーム添えは、ディナー・ゲスト皆が絶賛するほどおいしかった。Dark chocolate tart with icecream was extremely popular among the dinner guests this time.
ファンクションの他にも、1階(Ground floor)は普通にレストランとして利用できる 。In addition to function use, ground floor restaurant is available for public.

Wednesday, September 12, 2012

おいしいイギリス - Mexican in Notting Hill

Notting Hillの裏道にある”地元エリア”にテキーラで人気のメキシカンを発見。大晦日のNew Year Partyには整理券を配るほどの小さなお店。平日の仕事帰り、テキーラとタコスでエネルギー充電。
There is a popular Mexican on a backstreet of Notting Hill. It is very popular with the locals, particularly its New Year Party.  Great for a quick glass of tequila and tacos after work as an energiser during a week!

Saturday, September 8, 2012

おいしいイギリス - Gourmet walk to Marylebone

ロンドンでの週末のグルメ散歩。蝋人形の館近くにあるMarylebone High Streetへ。ブティックやおいしいお店が立ち並ぶ落ち着いたローカルに人気のあるエリア。Oxford streetの人だかりや観光スポット的な場所を避けたい時に最高。
Destination of Sunday gourmet walk is Marylebone High Street - not to far from the Maddame Tussands. Marylebone High street is popular among the locals and many boutique stores and restaurants are located in this area. A great spot to stay away from busy Oxford Street.

ニュージーランドやイギリスで人気シェフのお店The Providoresの併設カフェTapa Roomは開店直後から行列ができる人気のお店。朝食メニューが充実していて、1人でもグループでも利用しやすいインテリア。
The Providores is run by Peter Gordon (co-owner) who is a well known chef in London and New Zealand. People line up outside Tapa Room - The Providores' casual cafe, shortly after its opening time. Tapa room offers an extensive breakfast menu and is popular with single or group of local customers.

食後はすぐ裏にあるMarylebone farmers marketを見学。
To finish off the Sunday gourmet walk, I took a short walk to the Marylebone Farmers market - held every Sunday just down the road from the Providores.


Thursday, September 6, 2012

おいしいイギリス- Department Foodhall

It's been a while since my last visit to UK. It took me 20 hours to come to London in the summer but it is colder than Perth in the winter!

今回はデパ地下(必ずしも地下ではないが)食品街を探訪。調査店舗はMarks and Spencers, Selfridges, Harvey Nichols and Harrods.
I explored food hall of majoy department stores during this visit including Marks and Spencers, Selfridges, Harvery Nichols and Harrods.

実用性ならMarks & Spencer、面白さならHarrodsという結果に。Marks & Spencerのジャム・ケーキにハマッている。
The verdict is Marks & Spencer for practicality, Harrods for its uniqueness. M&S's Jam bakes are fantastic.


Harvey Nichols

Saturday, September 1, 2012


Elixir in Nedlands is always ranked high up in Perth coffee ranking. It seems that everything about the shop - simple interior and menu selection- is designed to enjoy the quality coffee.

Subiaco Farmers market やClaremontへ買い物に行く途中に立ち寄りたい。Great stopover spot on the way to Subiaco Farmers Market or Claremont Quarter.