Friday, September 30, 2011

優雅にハイ・ティー - Peninsula Tea Gardens

噂にはちらほらと聞いていたMaylandsにあるPeninsula Tea Gardensのハイ・ティー。やっと挑戦する機会がやってきた。
I finally had a chance to go to the Peninsula Tea Garden to try their famous high-tea. Peninsula Tea Garden is located in Maylands, 10min drive from Perth city.

1839年に建設されたヨーロッパ入植時代の雰囲気をかもし出すTransby Houseの隣りにあり、半分以上がスワン川を見渡せるテラス席。これから暖かくなるにつれてさらに利用客が増えそう。
It is located next to the Transby House - a residence built in 1839 during the first years of European settlement in Western Australia. More than half of the tables are in the terrace area overlooking the Swan River.

火曜ー日曜の営業で、週末の利用は予約した方が確実。ボリュームたっぷりのParisian Afternoon Tea (週末$38) は、食べきれない時のためにお持ち帰りようの箱も用意してくれる。
Peninsula Tea Gardens is open Tuesday to Sunday. Bookings recommended for weekends. A takeaway box is available just in case you cannot finish their signature high tea - Parisian Afternoon Tea ($38 on weekends).

Friday, September 23, 2011

ステーキハウス- the Old Brewery

パブ形式のthe Old Breweryがいつのまにか和牛ステーキがメインのステーキハウスになっていた。月曜の夜なのに満席。
The Old Brewery, once was a good old style pub, has turned out to be a steakhouse with a lot of wagyu on the menu. The restaurant was fully booked on Monday night.

After a selection of starters, everyong in the group agreed to tackle "the Tomahawk”; 400+day grain fed Margaret River Wagyu beef, Western Australia. Six us us challenged the 2kg wagyu steak.

It was huge. I was pretty happy with the selection of side menues (gratin, warm vegetables and steak sauce) and ate them all....


Tuesday, September 20, 2011

チョコレート・カフェ-Theobroma Chocolate Lounge

カーテン大学近くのWaterford Shopping Centre内のチョコレート・ラウンジ。マレーシアの支店を見てマレーシアのチョコ・ラウンジだと勝手に思い込んだ自分が恥ずかしい。実はメルボルン発のチョコレート店だった。

Theobroma Chocolate Lounge is located in Waterford Shopping Centre near Curtin University. I am feeling a bit embrassed as I thought this is a Malaysian brand as I went to its Malaysian store in KL before I found out about the history of the store. It has actually started in Melbourne, Australia.

川南に住む人は、Claremont のKoko Blackまで行くのが面倒な際に丁度良い。Koko Blackの豪華さはないが、チョコレートが食べたい、という気分が確実に満たされる。

It is a good option for those who live in the South of the River, particularly when you cannot be bothered to travel to Koko Black in Claremont. The shop is not as luxurious as Koko Black but it will fix your craing for chocolates.


Saturday, September 17, 2011

シティのグルメ・ティクアウェイ-the Herdsman

有名なChurchlandのグルメ・スーパーthe Herdsmanのシティ店がWilliam Street, Perthの駅ビルにある。

The Herdsman, a famous gourmet supermarket in Churchland, has an outlet at Willam Street Station building in Perth.


The Herdsman city store offeres a range of gourmet salad, pies and lunch box style curry. It provides an ideal option for a quality takeaway lunch in hurry.

併設のカフェBlah Blah Barもおいしいコーヒーとクオリティ重視のスウィーツ、サンドイッチが揃っていて、Herdsmanでランチ、Blah Blah Barでティクアウェイ・コーヒーと嬉しい仕組みになっている。

The Herdsman Blah Blah Bar takes your shopping experience to a new level. With a lavish array of delicious sandwiches, coffees, sweets, the Herdsman Blah Blah Bar provide quality options to busy takeaway customers.


Wednesday, September 14, 2011

カジュアル・イタリアンの王様 - il Ciao

灯台下暗しとはまさしくこの事だと思う。久しぶりにApplecrossのil Ciaoへ行った。カジュアル・イタリアンではパース1といってもおかしくないこのレストラン。開店時間の午後5時ちょうどに行ったのは正解。午後5時30分には既に行列が。6時過ぎに出る頃にには長蛇の列となっていた。

It was a bit of remiss of me not to mention il Ciao in Applecross. Il Ciao could be ranked as No.1 in Perth in casual Italian category. We went there at 5pm on the dot when the restaurant opened. People started line up by 5:30pm and a long quere in front of the restaurant by 6pm.

il Ciao's pizza would be easily ranked withint Top 5 in Perth. Pasta and salad also offers great value for money.


Friday, September 9, 2011

North Perthのカフェ通り - The Pantry Door

Angrove StreetのMilk'dがあまりに混んでいたので、隣のThe Pantry Doorへ。使えるカフェが2軒並んでいるととても便利だ。

We popped into the Pantry Door as Milk'd on Angrove Street was too busy. It works to have two popular cafes next to each other.
Photo by
フレンドリーなサービスと豊富なホームメードスイーツ、サンドイッチ、朝食メニューバラエティに嬉しくなった。キッチンエリアがとテーブル席エリアと同じぐらい大きい。ここもオーダーの行列ができていたが、あまり待たずに注文できた。 North Perthエリアでの朝食にお勧め。

Friendly service and a variety of home made sweets, sandwiches and breakfast menu make you feel comfortable being there. It is also worth noting that the kitchen area is as big as the cafe's dining area. A nice place for breakfast with friends when you are in North Perth area.


Wednesday, September 7, 2011

おいしいシンガポール2 - Oscar's at Conrad

和食も含め多様な料理が簡単に楽しめるシンガポールは、ビュッフェ天国でもある。特にホテル滞在中は朝・昼とビュッフェが続いてしまうことも。日曜のSunday brunchは是非一度試してみたい。FullertonのSunday brunchはよく評判を耳にする。
Singapore, famous for its food diversity, is a buffet heaven. It is not unusual to have breakfast and lunch buffet in one day particularly if you are staying in a hotel. Sunday brunch is also popular among Singaporeans (Fullerton is renowned for its Sunday brunch).

My vote for the best dish in Singapore this time goes to Caesar salad at Oscar's at Conrad. Cos lettuce are dressed in a huge parmesan cheese barrel. Food is a way above buffet quality and offer many options including entree, salad, main, noodle bar, desert and a selection of cheese.

詳細は下記の通り。See below for details.

Saturday, September 3, 2011

おいしいシンガポール - East Coast Seafood

Only 4.5 hrs flight from Perth, visitor friendly Singapore offers diverse food culture.

地元のシーフード・レストラン数件が店を構えるEast Coast ParkのEast Coast Seafood センター。中でもJumbo Seafood restaurantは1987年にセンター内に開店し、一度に1200人まで対応できる人気店。
Several major local seafood restaurants are located in the East Coast Seafood Centre in East Coast Park, Singapore. Jumbo Seafood restaurant opened its store in 1987 and can serve up to 1,200 diners at once.

You need to go in a large group to try Jumbo's signature dishes - chili crab and black pepper crab.
Use your hand to eat these local delight, it will taste much better.

The best dish of the night was huge tiger prawns.
Although I was hit by red hot chili hidden in the chili crab, it was one of the most enjoyable night I had in Singapore. Great company, quality seafood and outdoor dining - a magic mix for the pleasant evening.