Friday, December 30, 2011

おいしい関西 - OSAKA 大阪のイタリアン


I head to Osaka after Kobe. Osaka is a home to quality Italian restaurants. I went to Modo di Ponte Vecchio, one of the Ponte Vecchio group. Ponte Vecchio is the most celebrated and well known Italian restaurant in Osaka. Modo di Ponte Vecchio is located at the 30th floor of Yasuda Seimei building in Nishi Umeda. This branch offers the best value among the Ponte Vecchio group in terms of convenience, ambiance and value for money.

ランチは Completoコースを選択。お楽しみの一品(前菜)、パスタ、メイン(魚かお肉)とデザートという満足コース。サービスも雰囲気も抜群。10人ぐらいで使えるグループ用のエリアもある。
Compelto course is very fulfilling as the course includes an entrée, pasta, main (fish or meat) and dessert. Exceptional customer service and ambiance. There is a function room (up to 10 people) as well.

You can enjoy the view from the 30th floor anytime of the day.


Wednesday, December 28, 2011

おいしい関西- KOBE 神戸のフレンチ

It’s been a while since I spent the New Year in Japan last time. It was encouraging to feel a “buzz” is coming back to Kansai. I love Japanese perfectionism towards food – it should be considered as the pride of the Nation.
Kitano area in Kobe is a home to many French restaurants. Kobe may have higher demand for French cuisine as many French restaurants co-exist in a relatively small area. St George’s building used to be owned by a German merchant. A large well presented front yard is very welcoming.

There are four lunch courses to choose from. Lune course offers entrée, soup, main (fish or beef) and dessert. St Georges offers a holistic dining experience combined with an elegant view of its garden, terrace and classic interior.

St Georges is located within walking distance from Crown Plaza hotel at Shinkobe Bullet train station. It is worth a visit if you are in Kobe area.


Saturday, December 24, 2011

メリー・クリスマス - Christmas Strarberry mousse

A lovely friend of mine made a refreshing strawberry mousse for Christmas. Santa Clause decoration came from Japan. Fresh strawberry flavour and tangy yogurt texture create a great summer dessert.

 • いちご 1-2パック (約300g )
• 砂糖 80-100 g (好みで調節)
• ヨーグルト 250g (Greek style)
• 生クリーム 200g
• ゼラチン 20g
• レモン汁 適量

1. ゼラチンを水にふやかす。
2. へたをとったいちごに砂糖を入れ、レンジで二分。
3. いちごが温かいうちにゼラチンを入れて溶けるまで混ぜる。ハンドミキサーでつぶす。
4. のこりの全てを加え、型に入れて冷蔵庫へ。
Strawberry - 300g
Sugar - 80-100g
Greek style yogurt 250g
Cream - 200g
Gelatin - 20g
Lemon juice

1. Dissolve the gelatin in water
2. Mix the strawberry and water and microwave for 2min
3. Mix the gelatin into the strawberry mixture while it is warm and blend with a hand mixer
4. Mix the rest of the ingredients and pour the mixture into a mould. Cool in a fridge.

メリー・クリスマス & どうぞ良いお年を。
Have a great Christmas and a Happy New Year!!

Tuesday, December 20, 2011

川沿いレストラン - Halo

パースのBarrack Street Jetty上にあるHalo Restaurantは夏が似合う。仕事仲間とのディナーもテラス席で盛り上がった。フードはモダン・オーストラリアンでMarron(淡水の小型ロブスター)などシーフード系も豊富。ワインメニューも充実している。 
Halo Restaurant on Perth Barrack Street Jetty is a great venue during the summer time. We secured a table on the terrace for our work dinner.Halo offers Modern Australian cuisine including marron (a kind of freshwater lobster) and quality seafood dish. It has a good wine list too.

前菜のデリケートな盛り付けにお腹がすいている時はちょっとがっかりしたが、メイン・デザートを克服する頃にはしっかりとお腹一杯になる。サイドのポテト・グラタン(Bread & Butter puddingだと勘違いした)やサラダがおいしかった。
Delicately decorated entree wasn't enough to fill my hungry tummy but I was full by the time I finished main and dessert. Side dishes - potato gratin (I thought it was a bread & butter pudding) and salad were excellent.

デザートは柚子をつかったソルベ付きチーズケーキ。柚子とライムのフレッシュな香りがぴったり合っている。 Dessert - a cheesecake with yuzu/mango sorbet. Yuzu and lime flavours blended really well.


Sunday, December 18, 2011

パースのおいしいエリア  - Leederville

A quick visit to Leederville came with a nice surprise by the Town of Vincent Carpark - 1st hour free - perfect arrangement for a quick coffee stop on weekends.

改めてLeedervilleのOxford Street周辺のお店を眺めてみると、確かに便利だ。Green & Coを始め、いろいろなカフェが勢揃いしている上に、Jus Burger, Burger Bistro, Pub, the Garden, Pizza, Italian, Seafoodなど様々なカテゴリーのお店があるので用途に合わせたチョイスが可能。

Leederville (around Oxford street) is really convenient. There are many cafes such as Green & Co and offers a range of dining options from Jus Burger, Burger Bistro, Pub, the Garden, Pizza, Italian to seafood.

I only had a quick coffee stop but there are many options for breakfast, lunch and dinner that are worth looking into.


Thursday, December 8, 2011

おいしいロンドン 続編 -London calling

Cosmopolitan London offers wide variety of cuisune. In particular, there are a millions of Indian restaurants, perhaps thanks to strong Indian community in London?


Sunday, December 4, 2011

おいしいロンドン - Borough market

11月のロンドンは思ったより寒くなかった。念願のBorough Market訪問が実現。ロンドンの台所のBorough Marketはクオリティ高い食材やグルメ食品のお店で賑わっていた。
London wasn't as cold as I feared for. Borough Market is London's most renowned food market; a source of exceptional British and international produce.

ロンドン訪問の際は早起きして是非1度は行ってほしい。It is a must-visit London spot for foodies.


Wednesday, November 30, 2011

おいしい特派員レポート - Western surburb

クレアモント在住のおいしい特派員からのレポートが届いた。Please see below for a report from a Claremont based Oishi Perth correspondent.

Feast Cafe
71B Princess Road, Nedlands (08) 6389 1001


Near the roundabout on Dalkeith Rd. Street Parking only. It doesn’t look anything special from outside, but they have unique salads and yummy cakes. Packed with mostly ladies at lunch time.

Gill Street Cafe
13 Gill Street, Mosman Park (08) 9284 5626
A small carpark, entrance from Solomon St. Fabulous lunch & cakes in a renovated old house near St Hilda’s.

The Curry Tree Background

The Curry Tree
Broadway (the river end), Crawley (08) 9389 8410
A new curry house, reasonably priced. Many varieties of Nan breads.

Sunday, November 27, 2011

パースのサンドイッチ・ランキング - Sandwich ranking in Perth


I propose a Perth Sandwich ranking (as at Nov 2011) as below. Assessment criteria is bread, filling, sauce and value for money. I suspect the ranking will change like the world tenis ranking as there must be many other great sandwiches somewhere.

1.868 Gourmet
I really have to think a lot before going back there due to its "unfriendly" service. My patience has paid off. Their customer service is slightly getting better. Maybe they just treat regulars differently.

2. Tartine cafe
Westralia square (King Streetの近く)にも出店して小さなカフェ。SourdoughのRobさんのバゲットを使用しているので、当然の上位ランキング。ハーフ・サイズのみの購入可。

3. Jean Claude Patttieserie
ピクニック用などのティクアウェイにも最適な持ち運びしやすい長細いバゲットサイズ。種類も豊富。JCP offer the best sandwiches fot picnic. Its thin, rectangle shape makes it perfect to carry around. A wide variety of filliing.

Wednesday, November 16, 2011

多機能レストラン - E cucina

シティ・ワーカーにはお馴染みのE cucina。ビジネス・ランチの利用が主かと思い込んでいたら、カフェのみ、ドリンクのみというオプションもあり、特にドリンクはソファ席でゆったりできる。
E cucina is well known to city workers. It offers not only business lunch but cafe/bar options. E cucina has a nice lounge area to relax with friends and colleague afterwork.

Wedding Venue Perth - couches

I walked past there so many times but just realized that E cucina is open for breakfast too.  It may be a good reason to get to work a bit early.


Friday, November 11, 2011

シティの居酒屋 - SHIRO

シティにあるCentral Park Building周辺がさらに賑やかになってきた。Commonwealth Bank裏の最高のロケーションにいきなりできた居酒屋SHIRO。Milligan StreetのMIDORIを経営する韓国人のオーナーの最新店。

There is definitely a buzz around the Central Park building in the City. Izakaya Shiro is located in an ideal spot at the back of the Commonwealth bank. Its Korean owner also runs Midori restaurant on Milligan Street.

Shiro has a long counter area facing to the Central Park. It must be nice and breezy particularly this time of the year. Upstairs has a plenty private area for functions.

ディナーしか試してないが、価格に対し量が少ないのは少し残念・・・ 次はランチに挑戦。


Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Mt Lawleyの名店 - Must Bar

日曜も午後12時から開いているMt LawleyのMust Barは曜日を問わず人気がある。Jackson'sと並んでMt Lawleyのトップ5に入る有名店。
Must Bar is open 7 days a week from noon. Must (as well as Jackson's) is definetely one of top 5 restaurants in Mt Lawley.

It is handy as the Must Bar provides two dining options (bar and restaurant areas). My recommendation is to sit right  at the back at its dining area upstairs.

前菜は久しぶりの牡蠣フライ、メインはクリーム・ソースのブルー・クラブのエンジェルパスタ。最後のデザートはボリュームたっぷりのhot choc honey comb sundae. ちゃんと仕立てられた味を満喫しながら、つい会話に夢中になりすぎて写真を撮るのを忘れてしまった。
My entree was crumbed oysters, blue mannna crab angel pasta as main followed by hot choc honey comb sundae. The evening was so fabulous with great food and conversation - I forgot to take food photos!

まだ行ったことがないなら、是非できるだけ早く試してほしい。Go to the Must Bar as soon as you can if you haven't been there yet and enjoy.


Thursday, October 27, 2011


You can find wide varieties of sweets and cafe in Jakarta. It must be a great market for dining/gifts as pâtissier from Japan and France have stores there.

今回一番気に入ったのはSoho Social house. インドネシア料理とウェスタンの両方が楽しめて、フレッシュ・ジュースの種類も豊富。デザートのみでもOK.
My favourite during this trip was Soho Social house. Soho social house offers both Indonesian and Western menus and wider range of fresh fruits/vegetable juice. Great place for meal and dessert.

Sunday, October 23, 2011


Jakarta's gourmet scene has definitely evolved since my last visit 18 month go, although there was no change to the notorious Jakarta traffic...

It turned out to be 6 meals a day schedule to tick off all items off my "to eat" list. I chose a hotel nearest to restaurant/cafe to minimize travel time.

Jakarta not only offers wide variety of restaurants, but high quality and services.

After starting a day with Indonesian style breakfast, I spent exploring Chinese, Western and Asian fusion dishes all day. Breads are great too, perhaps due to its Dutch influence back in its Colonial era.

5スターホテルMuliaのメイン・レストランOrient 8(フレンチ・アジアン)のディナーが2人で約A$50だったのは驚き。インテリアもすごい。
It was a bargain deal - A$50 for two for a nice dinner at Orient 8, a main dining at 5 star hotel - Mulia. Decoration of the restaurant was impressive too.

パースからJetstarの直行便で約4時間。シンガポールよりも近いので連休の際のグルメ旅行にぴったり。Jetstart flies direct to Jakarta (4 hours). It is a great destination for a long weekend gourmet trip.

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

クオリティかサービスの選択-868 Gourmet

Victoria Parkの868 Gourmetは、イタリアン・デリを兼ねたシンプルな店内だがサンドイッチがとてもおいしい。仲間とゆっくり雑談をして長居でき、場所もとても便利。
868 Gourmet in Victoria Park is a simple Italian Deli and a cafe with great sandwich on its menu. Located in a convenient spot, it is one of those shops where you can relax and chat with friends.

HOWEVER, sandwich counter staff are 868 Gourmet are incredibaly unfriendly. The level of their customer services are at the extreme end of their quality sandwiches. Ladies, smile won't cost a thing.