Wednesday, July 31, 2013

久々のパワーランチ -The Heritage Brasserie

かなり久々のプロジェクト打ち上げパワーランチ。事務所近くのHeritage Brasserieへ。金曜日のランチは混んでいる。時間の関係で前菜は飛ばしてメインからスタート。St Georges Terrace側から入るとおいしそうなバゲットが見えてさらに空腹感が増す。

It’s been a while since I had a power lunch last time. This is a special occasion to mark the completion of half year worth of projects. The Heritage Brasserie is only 30seconds away from the office and particularly busy with lunch customers on Fridays. We skipped entrée and started with main dishes. I like entering the restaurant from St Georges Terrace facing door. You will see nice looking baguettes when you enter a large glass door.


You can add “market fish” to Salad Nicoise and make the salad very manly.


The best part of the lunch today was its arty dessert. Chestnut mousse, crisp filo, cassis sorbet, meringue (the square shape on the skewer in the photo).

St Georges Terraceに面したバーのカフェ利用も可能。
You can use the bar (facing St Georges Terrace) for coffee during a day.



Saturday, July 27, 2013

オーストラリアの紅茶専門店 - T2

T2 store network has expanded across Perth (probably across Australia) very quickly. You can find its uniquely designed stores at most of major shopping centres and browse a wide range of premium, fragrant tea and tea wares.

T2 is perfect for gifts and souvenir needs. Biscuits and jams are available too.


Wednesday, July 24, 2013

サイクリスト・カフェ - Atomic Espresso (South Perth)

週末のMends Street (サウスパース)はサイクリストで賑わう。特にAtomic Espressoは朝早くからサイクリストを中心にブレックファストやカフェ利用客で行列状態。朝一で行ったのに、カウンターでしばらく並んで注文することに。

Mends Street in South Perth is full of cyclists on weekends. In particular, Atomic Espresso is full of coffee/breakfast customers from early morning. I went there first thing in the morning but there was already a line at the counter.

I think coffee is pretty good here. Shaved chocolate on the top of hot chocolate made the drink look special. The well set  up kitchen behind the counter was pumping out tantalising breakfast plates one after another. 

However, $6.90 for a muffin is pricy even for Perth standard!


Saturday, July 20, 2013


新しいオーナーになってからのVictoria Parkのクランペットはさらにパワーアップ。パンケーキの噂を聞いて駆けつけた。大きなプレートにアイスクリーム、クリーム、バナナ付きでどんっと出てくる。ボリュームたっぷりなのに、$10。インフレが続くパースでは貴重な存在。
Crumpet in Vic Park is becoming even more popular under new management. I couldn't help myself rushing  to the cafe when I heard about their quality pancake. Pancakes come in a large plate with ice cream, cream and bananas. $10 for this big plate of pancakes is a great value considering Perth's ever-lasting inflation.
Only problem is that you smell like scrumbled eggs and bacon when you come out of the cafe. It doesn't matter, you can have this great pancake. The cafe is particulary popular on weekends, oftern customers line up outside the small dining area. Crumpet looks like a family owned business. Keep up with the great work in providing quality breakfast/lunch in Vic Park!


Wednesday, July 17, 2013

ガーデン・オレンジケーキ - Garden orange cake

It is the time to harvest oranges in the garden. As the orange tree is still young, it is still too sour to eat fresh. I made use of fresh organic orange for baking. When grating the orange peel, the amazing scents spread around the house.

  1. オレンジ(ピール大さじ2 +オレンジ1個分のジュース)
  2. 溶かしバター 150g
  3. 卵 2個
  4. 砂糖 330g
  5. 小麦粉(Self raising flour) 270g
  6. グリーク・ヨーグルト 180g
  1. Orange (grated peel - 2 tbs and juice of one orange)
  2. Melted butter 150g
  3. Eggs x 2
  4. Sugar 330g
  5. Self raising flour 270g
  6. Greek yogurt 180g
Mix 1-4 until it reaches creamy texture and add 5-6. Bake in 175c degree in 1 hour.


Saturday, July 13, 2013

ヴィクトリア・パークのグルメ食材店 - Nosh Gourmet Food and Gifts

フリーマントルに続いて、今度はヴィクトリア・パークにあるグルメ食材店Nosh Gourmet Food and Gifts。ここでは西オーストラリアの様々なグルメ食材が手に入り、自宅用にも海外からのお客様へのお土産用にも最適。
Following to a report on Kakulas Sister Grocer in Fremantle, this post is about Nosh Gourmet Food and Gifts in Victoria Park. The store offers a range of quality Western Australian made gourmet foods and a perfect spot to find gifts for overseas visitors.

The store has a well selected range of kitchenware and cooking books. You can order by phone and/or email too.


Wednesday, July 10, 2013

フリオのヨーロッパ・グルメ食材店 - Kakulas Sister Grocer

I dropped in at Kakulas Sister Grocer on Market street while I was in Fremantle. This is a Fremantle outlet of Kakulas bros in Northbridge. I think this is the best place to buy olives.

The small store is full of European, Middle Eastern grocery, quality cheese, olives and sweets. The unique product/grocer ranges make you feel incredibly creative (and hungry).


Saturday, July 6, 2013

ラウンドハウス前のカフェ - Chalky's Espresso Bar


It's been a while since I spent a weekend in Perth. I went to Fremantle on Saturday morning. Chalky's Espresso Bar is located in front of Fremantle roundhouse. The roundhouse was established in 1831 as the first gaol in Western Australia.

The shop is very bright inside with friendly staff. This is very pet friendly cafe as dog biscuits are available as well as a nice range of breakfast and sweets. This is orange lamington cake.


Wednesday, July 3, 2013

おいしいお土産 - Food gifts from Japan

賞味期限の短い"おいしいカステラ”と”どら焼き”は、無理やり持って帰らず滞在中にできる限り食べることにした。I ate as much castella and dorayaki as possible instead of bringing them back to Perth. Good ones only have short expiry dates.

お土産用に持って帰ったのは、有馬名物"炭酸せんべい”, 鶴屋八幡の羊羹(羊羹界のプラダ!)と昔懐かしい駄菓子。食べられるお土産は楽しい。
I chose "Tansan senbei" from Arima onsen, Tsuruya Hachiman's yokan (this is Yokan's Prada) and classic Japanese sweets and snacks as gifts from this trip. Nothing is better than 'oishi gifts'.