Monday, December 31, 2012

夜景レストラン - Frasers Restaurant

久々に訪れたKings ParkのFrasers restaurantは平日なのにやはり混んでいた。年末の忙しい時期でなくても、いつも満席のような気がする。今日は雨が降っていたが、普通は夜景もきれいで、観光、ビジネス、プライベートと用途もいろいろと使える。

It's been a while since I've been to Frasers restaurant in Kings Park. It was a weekday dinner but the restaurant was packed with customers. It seems that Frasers is busy regardless of the festive season. Rain spoiled the view tonight but it is usually offer a great view of Perth and a great dining spot for any purpose.

食事は前よりおいしくなった気がする。前菜はField mushroom。大人数ならcrisp fried soft shell crubを取り分けてもよい。
I think the quality of food became even better. Entree was field mushroom. Crisp fried soft shell crab may be a good option for a large group.

メインはお勧めのRed emperorに。口当たりよいマッシュポテトと一緒にどんどん食べられる。
Main choice was grilled red emperor. Perfectly seasoned mash potato enhanced flavour of the fish.

かなり大きいRed emperorの後のデザートはAffogatoに。添えられたValrhona チョコレートを見て、カンタス空港の旅を思い出した。デザート・メニューにはチュロスもある。
After finishing a large plate of red emperor, I chose Affogato as dessert. Valrhona chocolate reminded me of a trip by Qantas airways. Churros is also on the dessert menu.

Frasers has a private room which seats approximately 20 people - perfect for a corporate function. Carpark is a bit tricky to enter but this is still one of the best restaurant in Perth, particularly to entertain guests from overseas.

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