Wednesday, October 24, 2012

おいしい遠回り - Multicultural Montreal

Multicultural Montreal offers the most diverse (and high quality) food culture, particularly European style is very strong in the city. I decided to focus on "Greek" and "Portuguese" during this flying visit.

There is an area in the north of the City where many Greek restaurants are located. One of the best Greek restaurant "Milos" let customers choose a fish of their choice and cook according to the customer's likings.

市内にあるポルトガル・カフェ「バスコ・ダ・ガマ」では、本格ポルトガルのカスタード・タルトが食べられる。Pasteis de nataが正確な名称。
Vasco Da Gama, a Portughese cafe in the city, offers an authentic Portughese custard tart (called "Pasteis de nata")


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