Saturday, October 20, 2012

おいしい遠回り - Long way home (Montreal)

I took a long way home and flew from London to Montreal to do some work there. I managed to get to Montreal on a weekend by 7 hours direct flight from London.

フランス語圏(皆英語も話すが、第一言語はフランス語)のモントリオールには、ファーマーズ・マーケットがたくさんある。市内から近いMarche Jean Talon(Jean Talonマーケット)を訪問。
Although most of people in Montreal can speak English, French is the first language here. Montreal has many farmers markets. I went to Marche Jean Talon (Jean Talon) located just outside the city centre.

According to a Montreal based friend of mine, the prices are relatively higher than import products as the market supports local farmers/product. It doesn' matter - there are plenty of samples to try and all extremely delicious and full of flavours.


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