Saturday, October 26, 2013

学生用カフェ - Moore and Moore

フリーマントル編が続いている。ノートルダム大学近くのMoore and Moore。学生と地元客を中心に賑わう、大学の学食カフェのイメージを彷彿させる。併設しているギャラリーでは新人のアートを中心にディスプレイがいっぱい。

Fremantle stories continue. Moore & Moore is located near Notre Dame University in Fremantle. This arty cafe is particularly popular among students and locals. It bring back a memory of the cafe I used to go at my university campus. You get to enjoy the art by emerging designers inside the cafe.

This is a true Fremantle style, unique cafe.


Saturday, October 19, 2013

満足ブランチ – Hubbles Yard

Bread in Common に続き、今フリーマントルが面白い。イースト・フリーマントルのGeorge StreetHubbles Yardのブランチの噂を耳にしてすぐに駆けつけた。
Fremantle is the Oishi place of the month.  I drove to George Street in East Fremantle today as I heard about Hubbles Yard’s sensational brunch.


Hubbles Yard has relatively humble interior and its menu is about 20-30% cheaper than other popular cafes.  I wanted to try “Go Italian”, toasted ciabatta with mushroom, poached egg, ricotta and salad. While this is a vegetarian dish, it is very fulfilling. Balsamic glaze in its dressing bring up the flavour of all vegetables.


I stopped by at a farmers market on my way home to purchase all ingredients to recreate this dish for dinner. I am sure this will be added to a regular menu at home.

There are pancakes and eggs benedict on Hubbles Yard’s menu – worth trying next time.


Saturday, October 12, 2013

フリーマントルの本格ベーカリー・カフェ – Bread in common

フリーマントルをドライブ中に偶然見つけたベーカリー・カフェBread in common。やたら人が集まっていたので、何かのイベントかと思ったほど。
It was a (very lucky) coincidence to find Bread in common, the latest bakery & café in Fremantle. It caught my attention as a lot of people were standing outside this new establishment while I was driving the area.

An old warehouse has been converted to this cool café. It serves locally sourced fresh ingredients and consists of café/dining, bakery and takeaway coffee bar. The huge open kitchen, an authentic oven to bake breads, quality food and coffee and very friendly staff score very highly on the Oishi Perth list.

I went there just after its opening. Customers just keep coming in as soon as it opens the door in the morning. Slow baked breads are available for takeaway.

This café makes me want to go to Fremantle every day. Very, very well done and managed. It is open till late at night. I pencilled in my diary for another visit next weekend.


Wednesday, October 9, 2013

ベーカリー・カフェ-Small Print Baker & Roastery

以前報告したシティのBrookfield Place内にあるSmall Printはいつ行ってもオフィス客でいっぱい。最近気になっているのは、早朝にテイクアウェイ・コーヒーを購入した時に発見したペイストリー。こんなにおいしそうなディニッシュがたくさんディスプレイされている。

I report on Small Print at Brookfield Plaza some time ago. The café is now a popular coffee/lunch spot in the area and it is busy all the time. A wide range of quality pastries are available in the morning. See the quality of the pastry. It is hard to go past if you are there to pick up takeaway coffee.


Most of the pastry items are sold out by lunch time. They are perfect for a quality morning tea. Serious quality bread loaves are available for takeaway too.


Saturday, October 5, 2013

本格フレンチ – Jackson’s


Finally I had a chance to have dinner at Perth’s best French, Jackson’s. In fact, I was super excited about this occasion since I received an invitation 3 weeks ago.  It was a great evening to enjoy quality French with fresh Australian ingredients at a semi-private table towards the back of the restaurant.
This appetizer was served on a mini ice cream stand.

前菜はホタテ貝柱と生ハム。Entrée – Scallop and prosciutto. Nice.
メインは'本日のお魚‘Red Emperor’とパパイヤ・サラダ。Main – Fish of the day: Red emperor with papaya salad.
デザートはクリーム・ブリュレと抹茶マカロン。ちゃんと抹茶の味がしている。Dessert – Crème brulee with green tea macaron. The Macarons has real green tea (matcha) taste.

かなりお腹一杯であとはエスプッレッソだけ、と思ったら、最後のお茶菓子が。When I thought I only have a cup of expresso to go, petit four plate was served to accompany the coffee.

Staff’s service was fast and very efficient. It was amazing dinner and experience.


Wednesday, October 2, 2013

イタリアの松茸 – Porcini mushroom


I made a Porcini mushroom dish for the first time. Porcini mushroom is particularly popular in Italian cooking. They have a fantastic distinctive aroma and goes really well with sauces and risotto.
Cream sauce spaghetti with Porcini mushroom
材料 Ingredients
  1. ポルチーニ茸(8g)-ぬるま湯に20分浸す
  2. 一掴み分のマッシュルーム(スライスする)
  3. 一掴み分の玉ねぎ(薄くスライス)
  4. おいしいクリーム
  5. 予算が許す限りで買える最高級のパルメサンチーズ
  1. Dried Porcini mushroom (8g) – soaked in a warm water for 20min
  2. A handful of sliced mushroom
  3. A handful of thinly sliced onions
  4. The best quality cream that you can get
  5. The best quality parmesan you can afford
Melt a butter in a frying pan and fry 2&3. Squeeze water out of 1 and add to the pan. Continue to fry for about 1min.  Heat 4 in a separate frypan and add 1,2 &3. Adjust the taste with salt & pepper. Add 5 just before you are ready to eat.
Try this super easy gourmet recipe.