Saturday, June 29, 2013

世界一の朝食 - Best breakfast in the world

My mother prepares full breakfast an hour before my father wakes up every day. The breakfast menu changes all the time and some of the menu items such as "grilled white fish with butter sauce" are good enough for lunch or dinner. No wonder my father has high energy level all the time as he can start a day with this quality breakfast.

This is a potato omelette made by Amami-Oshima produced small potatoes. Amami Oshima's potatoes are grown in Amami's rish soil with full of minerals. Potato skins were peeled by hand on the night before to preserve their delicate flavour. This breakfast comes with a freshley squeezed orange juice and a freshly ground/brewed coffee.

Breakfast menu on the day 2 was toasted-ham sandwiches with hand-made potato salad (again, using the small potatoes from Amami-oshima) served with a freshly squeezed orange juice and coffee. Sometime an egg dish is added to this menu.





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