Wednesday, July 3, 2013

おいしいお土産 - Food gifts from Japan

賞味期限の短い"おいしいカステラ”と”どら焼き”は、無理やり持って帰らず滞在中にできる限り食べることにした。I ate as much castella and dorayaki as possible instead of bringing them back to Perth. Good ones only have short expiry dates.

お土産用に持って帰ったのは、有馬名物"炭酸せんべい”, 鶴屋八幡の羊羹(羊羹界のプラダ!)と昔懐かしい駄菓子。食べられるお土産は楽しい。
I chose "Tansan senbei" from Arima onsen, Tsuruya Hachiman's yokan (this is Yokan's Prada) and classic Japanese sweets and snacks as gifts from this trip. Nothing is better than 'oishi gifts'.


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