Tuesday, June 4, 2013

カナダ編週末のプチ旅行 - A Day trip to New York

It only takes 50min by air from Montreal to New York. I utelised the weekend in Canada to make a day trip to New York. 12hours in Manhattan to look for "oishi" (delicious) spot.

I went straight from the JFK airport to the Chelsea market. This is an indoor market, a home to quality cafes, restaurants, bakeries and grocery stores.

 人気のNinth Street Espressoは朝一番というのに既に行列が出来ていた。オーダー時にミルクの量を指定できる。アメリカらしくない本格エスプレッソ。
A popular coffee spot, Ninth Street Espresso, was already busy when I arrived there. You can choose the amount of milk in the coffee when ordering an espresso. Their espresso is unlike a typical American style coffee - a great way to start a day.


I proceeded to Sarabeth's kichen for brownie.
Sarabeth started her business at home by making jams and her business has grown into multiple cafes/restaurants and manufacturing of gourmet foods. How wonderful.... There were many families having breakfast.

I popped in the Magnoria bakery on my way to Soho. This cupcake store has become famous thanks to a popular TV series.  Customers can choose what they want and take them to a register. The interior of the Bleecker street shop was rather plain and somehow reminded me of Australian country style.

ソーホー到着後すぐに目当てのDean and Delucaでゆっくり時間を過ごす。色々な食材やキッチン雑貨、ティクアウェイで一杯のお店は地元客で一杯。おいしいお土産探しにもぴったり。
Dean and Deluca is the reason for my walk to Soho. I could spend hours there to browse through gourmet products, kitchen goods and take away items. The store is packed with local residents. A great spot for gourmet gift hunting too.

あっという間に時間が過ぎたので、急いで北へ向かいWholefoods marketでCallebaut chocolateを計り売りで購入。ベルギーのチョコだが、パースではなかなか手に入らない。お菓子作りに最適な高級チョコレート。
As I was running out of time, I quickly went up north and picked up Callebaut chocolate at Wholefoods market before catching a yellow cab to La Guardia airport. This quality chocolate is great for baking.

あっという間の12時間だったが、モントリオールにようやく戻りなぜか家に帰ったようにほっとした。12 hours went by very quickly in New York, however it was a great feeling to go back to Montreal, my home away home.

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