Wednesday, June 19, 2013

中の坊瑞苑 - Zuien, the best of Japanese dining

I made a quick 2nights trip to Kansai for a memorial service of my grandmother. The family dinner was held at Nakanobo Zuien at Arima onsen (hotspring) district in Hyogo.
Zuien was established as "Nakanobo ryokan" in 1868. It is located in the central part of the famous Arima onsen district and boasts one of the longest ryokan history in the area. Zuien's Japanese course dinner is as popular as its Onsen resort.

メニューは9種の料理が順番に出る“せせらぎ”。We chose "Seseragi (small stream)" 9 course menu.

1. 前菜:鮑、芽茎、鳥貝、こし油、胡麻酢掛け
1. Entree: Abalone, stolon, Japanese egg cockle, koshi-oil with sesami seeds dressing

2. 椀盛:冬瓜、油芽葛叩き
2. Soup dish:  winter melon and fish with kuzu soup

3. 造り:3種盛り
3. Sashimi: Trio of sashimi

4. 凌ぎ:穴子飯蒸し
4. Tiding over (hunger saver) dish: Steaned anago rice

5. 焼き物: 鯛塩焼き 青梅甘露煮
5. Fried dish: Grilled snapper with candied plum

6. 八寸:梅雨晴れ -器が面白い
6:  A taster plate (that represents the current season and different food groups): Sunshine during the wet season - see this unique plate!

7: Stewed dish: Japanese potato, small abalone and pumpkin

8. Rice dish: Special rice dish

9. 水物:季節のデザート
9. Dessert: Seasonal dessert



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