Wednesday, December 28, 2011

おいしい関西- KOBE 神戸のフレンチ

It’s been a while since I spent the New Year in Japan last time. It was encouraging to feel a “buzz” is coming back to Kansai. I love Japanese perfectionism towards food – it should be considered as the pride of the Nation.
Kitano area in Kobe is a home to many French restaurants. Kobe may have higher demand for French cuisine as many French restaurants co-exist in a relatively small area. St George’s building used to be owned by a German merchant. A large well presented front yard is very welcoming.

There are four lunch courses to choose from. Lune course offers entrée, soup, main (fish or beef) and dessert. St Georges offers a holistic dining experience combined with an elegant view of its garden, terrace and classic interior.

St Georges is located within walking distance from Crown Plaza hotel at Shinkobe Bullet train station. It is worth a visit if you are in Kobe area.


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