Sunday, November 27, 2011

パースのサンドイッチ・ランキング - Sandwich ranking in Perth


I propose a Perth Sandwich ranking (as at Nov 2011) as below. Assessment criteria is bread, filling, sauce and value for money. I suspect the ranking will change like the world tenis ranking as there must be many other great sandwiches somewhere.

1.868 Gourmet
I really have to think a lot before going back there due to its "unfriendly" service. My patience has paid off. Their customer service is slightly getting better. Maybe they just treat regulars differently.

2. Tartine cafe
Westralia square (King Streetの近く)にも出店して小さなカフェ。SourdoughのRobさんのバゲットを使用しているので、当然の上位ランキング。ハーフ・サイズのみの購入可。

3. Jean Claude Patttieserie
ピクニック用などのティクアウェイにも最適な持ち運びしやすい長細いバゲットサイズ。種類も豊富。JCP offer the best sandwiches fot picnic. Its thin, rectangle shape makes it perfect to carry around. A wide variety of filliing.

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