Friday, December 30, 2011

おいしい関西 - OSAKA 大阪のイタリアン


I head to Osaka after Kobe. Osaka is a home to quality Italian restaurants. I went to Modo di Ponte Vecchio, one of the Ponte Vecchio group. Ponte Vecchio is the most celebrated and well known Italian restaurant in Osaka. Modo di Ponte Vecchio is located at the 30th floor of Yasuda Seimei building in Nishi Umeda. This branch offers the best value among the Ponte Vecchio group in terms of convenience, ambiance and value for money.

ランチは Completoコースを選択。お楽しみの一品(前菜)、パスタ、メイン(魚かお肉)とデザートという満足コース。サービスも雰囲気も抜群。10人ぐらいで使えるグループ用のエリアもある。
Compelto course is very fulfilling as the course includes an entrée, pasta, main (fish or meat) and dessert. Exceptional customer service and ambiance. There is a function room (up to 10 people) as well.

You can enjoy the view from the 30th floor anytime of the day.


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