Tuesday, October 18, 2011

クオリティかサービスの選択-868 Gourmet

Victoria Parkの868 Gourmetは、イタリアン・デリを兼ねたシンプルな店内だがサンドイッチがとてもおいしい。仲間とゆっくり雑談をして長居でき、場所もとても便利。
868 Gourmet in Victoria Park is a simple Italian Deli and a cafe with great sandwich on its menu. Located in a convenient spot, it is one of those shops where you can relax and chat with friends.

HOWEVER, sandwich counter staff are 868 Gourmet are incredibaly unfriendly. The level of their customer services are at the extreme end of their quality sandwiches. Ladies, smile won't cost a thing.


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