Wednesday, July 24, 2013

サイクリスト・カフェ - Atomic Espresso (South Perth)

週末のMends Street (サウスパース)はサイクリストで賑わう。特にAtomic Espressoは朝早くからサイクリストを中心にブレックファストやカフェ利用客で行列状態。朝一で行ったのに、カウンターでしばらく並んで注文することに。

Mends Street in South Perth is full of cyclists on weekends. In particular, Atomic Espresso is full of coffee/breakfast customers from early morning. I went there first thing in the morning but there was already a line at the counter.

I think coffee is pretty good here. Shaved chocolate on the top of hot chocolate made the drink look special. The well set  up kitchen behind the counter was pumping out tantalising breakfast plates one after another. 

However, $6.90 for a muffin is pricy even for Perth standard!


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