Saturday, July 13, 2013

ヴィクトリア・パークのグルメ食材店 - Nosh Gourmet Food and Gifts

フリーマントルに続いて、今度はヴィクトリア・パークにあるグルメ食材店Nosh Gourmet Food and Gifts。ここでは西オーストラリアの様々なグルメ食材が手に入り、自宅用にも海外からのお客様へのお土産用にも最適。
Following to a report on Kakulas Sister Grocer in Fremantle, this post is about Nosh Gourmet Food and Gifts in Victoria Park. The store offers a range of quality Western Australian made gourmet foods and a perfect spot to find gifts for overseas visitors.

The store has a well selected range of kitchenware and cooking books. You can order by phone and/or email too.


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