Wednesday, July 31, 2013

久々のパワーランチ -The Heritage Brasserie

かなり久々のプロジェクト打ち上げパワーランチ。事務所近くのHeritage Brasserieへ。金曜日のランチは混んでいる。時間の関係で前菜は飛ばしてメインからスタート。St Georges Terrace側から入るとおいしそうなバゲットが見えてさらに空腹感が増す。

It’s been a while since I had a power lunch last time. This is a special occasion to mark the completion of half year worth of projects. The Heritage Brasserie is only 30seconds away from the office and particularly busy with lunch customers on Fridays. We skipped entrée and started with main dishes. I like entering the restaurant from St Georges Terrace facing door. You will see nice looking baguettes when you enter a large glass door.


You can add “market fish” to Salad Nicoise and make the salad very manly.


The best part of the lunch today was its arty dessert. Chestnut mousse, crisp filo, cassis sorbet, meringue (the square shape on the skewer in the photo).

St Georges Terraceに面したバーのカフェ利用も可能。
You can use the bar (facing St Georges Terrace) for coffee during a day.



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