Saturday, July 20, 2013


新しいオーナーになってからのVictoria Parkのクランペットはさらにパワーアップ。パンケーキの噂を聞いて駆けつけた。大きなプレートにアイスクリーム、クリーム、バナナ付きでどんっと出てくる。ボリュームたっぷりなのに、$10。インフレが続くパースでは貴重な存在。
Crumpet in Vic Park is becoming even more popular under new management. I couldn't help myself rushing  to the cafe when I heard about their quality pancake. Pancakes come in a large plate with ice cream, cream and bananas. $10 for this big plate of pancakes is a great value considering Perth's ever-lasting inflation.
Only problem is that you smell like scrumbled eggs and bacon when you come out of the cafe. It doesn't matter, you can have this great pancake. The cafe is particulary popular on weekends, oftern customers line up outside the small dining area. Crumpet looks like a family owned business. Keep up with the great work in providing quality breakfast/lunch in Vic Park!


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