Saturday, February 23, 2013

駅前カフェ(スビアコ) - Louis Baxters

スビアコ駅のエスカレーターを上がってすぐの場所にあるLouis Baxtersでは、しっかりと作られたコーヒーが飲める。マスター・シェフ番組で出会ったペアが練りに練ったコンセプトでスタートしたカフェ。Campo Coffeeがおいしい。ミルクはもちろんBannister Downs farm。

Louis Baxters, located near the escalator to Subiaco station, were created by a pair who met at the set of Master chef programme. The cafe serves great coffee, Campos coffee and Bannister Down farm milk - great choice.

The small but cool cafe is a great coffee stop before grocery shopping at the Subiaco station market.


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