Wednesday, February 27, 2013

牛乳瓶ついに発見 - Milk bottle

Bannister Downs Farmのミルクをおいしく飲むためにガラスのボトルを購入。なかなか思ったようなデザインのものが見つからなかったが、CityのCut It Outでついに発見。ボトルで保管すると取り扱いやすい上にミルクがさらにおいしく感じられる。

I bought a glass bottle to keep Bannster Downs Farm’s milk. It was really hard to find a suitable design but I finally found one at Cut It Out store in the City. The glass bottle makes it easier to handle milk and even tastier.

It is exciting to see an old fashioned milk bottle every time I open my fridge door.

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