Saturday, February 16, 2013

駅前本格カフェ(フリーマントル) - il Cibo cafe

フリーマントル駅から歩道を渡った所にあるil Cibo。店内の本格キッチンで作るフードやスイーツを求め、週末も朝早くから賑わっている。グルメ・マフィンが売り切れる前に早起きしてカフェ訪問。
il Cibo cafe is located across the road from Fremantle train station. There is a good size kitchen in the cafe, producing great food and sweets from early morning. No wonder this cafe is a local favourite for weekend breakfast. I woke up early on a weekend to get there before il Cibo's famous muffins are sold out.

Sweets, coffee and food - all good. I saw some negative comments about their service in other gourmet comments but I didn't notice any downside during my stay. There are a wide range of seating options including outdoor, table, counter and sofas.


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