Saturday, September 28, 2013

おいしいお土産 – 文明堂さんどらBunmeido Dorayaki


I was given a box of “Sandora” – western style “Dorayaki” made by Bunmeido as a gift from Japan (I haven’t been able to define “western style” dorayaki yet).  Japanese sweets is on the top of my souvenir (to receive!) list. When  you are away from Japan, it makes it extra special to enjoy the delicacy of Japanese sweets.


As “Sandora” dorayaki are available at selected Bunmeido stores only, they are not advertised on the Bunmeido website. There are multiple “Bunmeido”s in Japan and each operates as an independent entity. Castella or Mikasayama (Bumeido’s signature dorayaki) are worth trying – enjoy the quality developed over Bumeido’s 113 years of history.


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  1. I have tried them, they are delicious!! I wish we could get them here in Australia (Dorayaki of this particular brand)