Wednesday, September 11, 2013

眺めの良いカフェ – Moana Coffee

Hay Street側のDavid Jones近くにある復元建築された歴史を感じさせるMoana Chambersビル内の2階(1st floor)にあるMoana Coffee。バルコニーからの眺めはほっとする。春の訪れを感じるこの時期に最適のカフェだ。
Moana Coffee is located in Moana Chambers building, a restored heritage building in the Hay Street Mall near David Jones. The café has a great view from its balcony. This is a fantastic lunch/coffee spot, particularly this time of the year in Perth.
街行く人々を眺めながら静かにFive sensesのコーヒーが飲め隠れ家スポット。2階から見るとシティが違って見えて面白い。

This café can be a secret spot to enjoy people watching from the top. Enjoy Perth city from a slightly different angle.


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