Wednesday, September 18, 2013

クレアモントのグルメ食品店 – Liquorice

クレアモント駅近くのClaremont Quarter内のグルメ食品店Liquorice(リクリッシュ)へ行くと、小さい頃に近所のお菓子屋へ行く度に覚えた感激を思い出す。
Liquorice is located in Claremont Quarter – a high end shopping centre near Claremont station. Entering into Liquorice brings back a fond memory of (and excitement associated with) a sweets shop near the house I grew up.

Liquorice’s products range includes not only chocolates and lollies but snack items and unusual imported gourmet foods.


It is good fun to put a bit of everything into a paper bag, browse through a wide range of spices and read cooking books. While it is a small shop, I always end up spending long hours.

This is a great spot to drop in when you visit Claremont Quarter.



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