Saturday, September 21, 2013

サウスパースの一流ブランチ – Gusto Food

外観で判断するなかれ。ヨーロッパ食材店Scuttiでの買い物前にふらっと立ち寄ったAngelo streetGusto Food。人が多いはずだ。次から次へと出てくるおいしそうなブランチ・メニューにかなり驚いた。

Don’t judge by its humble appearance. Gusto Food on Angelo Street is a top quality brunch spot in South Perth. I dropped in  at the café for the first time before going to grocery shopping at Scutti, a nearby European grocer.

To my regret, I was already full as I left the house after breakfast. All I could do was just to see other people’s brunch with envy.....

I promised to myself to return to Gusto with empty tummy.


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