Saturday, September 7, 2013

バゲット・リサーチ – One 2wo 5ive

パリにしばらく暮らしていたエリザベスから、本格バゲット発見、という情報を入手し車を飛ばしてNedlandsへ。以前はLa Gallette de Franceが運営していたカフェが新オーナーのもと、One 2wo 5ive カフェに代わっていた。

Elizabeth, who lived in Paris for a while, found an authentic baguette in Nedlands. One 2wo 5ive café is located in a former La Gallete de France on Broadway and offer a range of pretty sweets, pastries and light snacks.

Their Parisian style Baguette have fantastic flavour. It is light with good crust. I can probably eat a whole baguette. This is probably the most “French” in the baguette research samples I tested so far. Other pastries like croissants looked good too.

You can eat in but I opted for bulk-buy takeaway this time. Look at this long plastic bag to protect baguette  from rain.  Impressive attention for details.

I am sure I will be back here next weekend to secure my baguette stock.


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