Saturday, August 17, 2013

本格派ジャパニーズ誕生 – Mon Taste of Japan

Leedervilleの真ん中Newcastle Street に新しい和食レストラン「紋」がオープン。日本からシェフを招致して本格派和食をリーズナブルな価格で提供している。場所柄昼は近くの企業や政府機関、夜はLeedervilleの付近の住人に加え、クラブやバーに行く前の人々でオープン直後というのにかなりの人気.

An authentic Japanese restaurant, “Mon”, has just opened its door in Leederville. Mon is located on Newcastle street, near the centre of busy Leederville area. While it is still a new kid on the block, Mon is already proven to be popular among office workers during the day and Leederville residents and clubgoers at night.

In addition to 4pc sushi rolls for takeaways, Mon makes sushi rolls (maki-zushi) to order in 8 pcs size. I ordered salmon and avocado rolls based on the owner’s recommendation. I can say this was the best salmon that I’ve ever had in Maki-zushi in Perth.


A wide range of a la carte menu are available during the dinner. This tartar sauce is only available as condiment for selected a la carte dish. I am sure that there is enough demand in Perth for this tartar sauce’s spectacular flavour.

Grilled Red Emperor – Miso flavour – A great contender for Nobu’s famous dish
Crab cream croquette – tartar sauce and BBQ sauce go very well

Chikuzenni (Stewed chicken and vegetable) –. Where in Perth can you get this classic Japanese home cooking?
Fish teriyaki – offers double pleasure with quality teriyaki fish and perfectly cooked rice with teriyaki sauce.
“Mon” is a great value for money to enjoy authentic Japanese food. Go asap – before it becomes too popular to make bookings.

Mon  - Taste of Japan
663 Newcatsle Street, Leederville, WA
(Phone) 9227 1074 

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