Saturday, August 24, 2013

裏道カフェ - Crib Lane

Hay Street沿いにあるのに、裏道カフェの雰囲気を醸し出す小さなCrib Lane。オーストラリアのスラングで「食べ物」を意味するCrib。名前の通り、ホームメードらしきメニューがほとんど。  Although it is located on Hay street, Crib Lane looks like a small café you can find in an alley way. True to its name, it seems a lot of care was taken on food items.

細い通路を入ると店内はアートな隠れ家風で、おもちゃのようなテーブル&チェアが似合う。壁一覧に張られているポスター・アートを見ているだけでも面白い。Once you walk past the alley-way style counter area, you get to a small dining area with toy-like wooden tables and chairs. It is interesting just to browse the walls full of artie posters. 
Coffee was good. It can be ranked as one of the better quality coffees in the City. I liked the hand-made flavour of the pasty of this quiche but it could have been nicer if served warm.


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