Wednesday, August 14, 2013

シティ一のベトナミーズ・ランチ-Mama Tran

シティで一番おいしいベトナミーズと聞かれたら、おそらく多くのシティ・ワーカーはMama Tranと答えるのではないだろうか。12時を過ぎると長い行列ができるので、小走りでMilligan Streetへ。ティクアウェイやベトナム春巻きもあるが、以前に来たことのある友人に勧められ、チキン・グリルのライス・バーミセリ(Bún Gà Nướng)を注文。いわゆるベトナム風冷麺で、ソースをかけて混ぜてから食べる。

I think most of city workers would list “Mama Tran” as the best Vietnamese lunch in the city. I almost run to the restaurant on Milligan street as customers start lining up just after 12pm. Although takeaway and Vietnamese rice paper rolls are available, I chose rice vermicelli with grilled chicken (Bún Gà Nướng) on my friend’s recommendation. She has been here several times. Rice vermicelli is basically a cold noodle dish and you need to mix the noodle, vegetable, chicken and sauce to eat.

Canteen style interior fits perfectly to its hawker theme.


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