Wednesday, August 7, 2013

グルメなスーパー - the Good Grocer

グルメ食材店かスーパーか。定義づけが難しいが、品揃えのクオリティに驚いた。ApplecrossGood Grocerは店内中心に大きなデリ・コーナーがあり、クオリティ高いバゲット、コーヒー、紅茶、スイーツをはじめ、国内外のグルメ食材が手に入る。見ているだけで面白い。

It is hard to define the Good Grocer. A gourmet food store or a supermarket? Perhaps both. The store has an amazing range of quality local and import food products including baguettes, coffee, tea, and sweets.  It is good fun just walking around the store.


Even better, the Good Grocer provides paper bags instead of plastic bags (and you don’t need to pay for it).  Paper bag system is based on the store’s policy on environment.  Good to see the store’s vision is embedded into operations. It makes you feel like going back there every weekend.


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