Saturday, April 20, 2013

Vic Parkの本格イタリアン・ビストロ - L'Enoteca Bistro

“イタリアン風”ファミリー・レストランではない。ついに本格派イタリアン・ビストロがVictoria Parkで楽しめる場所ができた。シティのすぐ手前にあるL'Enotecaは1週間前に予約して下さい、と言われたのも納得の人気店。入店した瞬間にイタリアのチーズの香りに包まれる。
This is not a 'family style' Italian restaurant. Finally we can enjoy authentic Italian in Victoria Park - L'Enoteca Bistro, located on Albany Highway just before the City. It is recommended to book a week in advance to secure a table. You can enjoy the aroma of italian cheese as soon as you enter into the bistro.

A wide variety of cheeses are used in L'Enoteca's family recipes. This recotta filled field mushroom has a fantastic combination of rich ricotta (unlike ricotta you buy from a supermarket), mushroom and balsamic vinegar sauce. 

Arancini ($6) was good too and the accompanying sauce goes perfectly well. Of course, it is served with a sprinkle of quality parmesan cheese to top it up the traditional Italian dish.

メインのパスタ・プリマベーラ ($22)もペコリーノ・チーズたっぷりで、野菜だけのパスタとは思えないぐらいの食感で、あっという間に食べてしまった。
Pasta Primavera, generally a dish that consists of pasta and fresh vegetables, also came with a twist of quality pecorino cheese. It was so creamy, rich in taste, I couldn't believe it was a vegetarian dish.

I saw Tiramisu and chocolate tart on the dessert menu but I was regrettably too full to venture into dessert this time. Definitely next time.

ワインリストも充実している。Their wine list was good too.


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