Friday, April 5, 2013

おいしいドバイ(3) - Afternoon tea at Burj Al Arab

7つ星のランキングが付く、超高級ホテルBurj Al ArabでのAfternoon teaに挑戦。1泊10万円ぐらいから100万などという驚くばかりのルーム料金。ホテルへも食事の予約がないと、セキュリティー・チェックでOUT。ホテル内のセキュリティーもかなり厳しい。
Managed to book an afternoon tea at Burj Al Arab, the famous 7 star hotel. Room rate is also 7 star class ranging from approximately A$1,000 to A$10,000+. Security is so strict that there is no access to the hotel driveway unless you have a booking confirmation (for meal or stay).


Look at this gold walkway to the afternoon tea room! 5start French dinner style table setting add another 'grand' theme to the afternoon tea.

It is not a three tier afternoon tea stand. 6 course afternoon tea includes a berry cocktail to refresh a palette

Starting with a glass of champagne, the first course (strawberry tart) was served shortly after the staff's 'afternoon tea' briefing.  It was quickly follwed by a sandwich plate.

After refreshing a palette with mix berry cocktail, the main dish of the afternoon tea - Burj Al Arab afternoon tea stand appeared in style. The afternoon tea stand carries scones and 4 cakes per person.

When I reached the point that I couldn't eat anymore, a box of sweets were delivered in lieu of the last course.
It was by far the biggest afternoon tea in volume but I must say there are better quality afternoon tea sets somewhere else. However, it is a great value for money to experience a 7 star hotel luxury and ambience that comes with a big afternoon tea.
27階から一望できるドバイの光景も面白い。And it comes with a view from the 27th floor.

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