Sunday, April 28, 2013

パリの休日- A Day in Paris

Long-haul air travel continues. It took about 20 hours by Emirates from Perth to Paris via Dubai. I am based in Fontainebleau while I am France but I made a day trip to Paris on the weekend.
初めての街は、街の感覚を掴むためにできるだけ歩くようにしている。とにかく歩いた。Gare de Lyon(リヨン駅)からまずバスティーユ地区の下町にあるファーマーズ・マーケットのマルシェ・ダリーグルへ。
I usually walk as much as possible when I visit a city for the first time. It just makes it easier to understand and feel the city. The day started from Gare de Lyon (train station), then straight to Marche d'Aligre, a farmer's market in a downtown area near Bastille.


Elizabeth, my work colleague who used to live in Paris, made a customised Paris city guide for my day trip. Her map took me to Berthillon at Ile St-Louis (St Louis island) via a long walk through Place de la Basille - where the French revolution took place.  It is rumoured that Berthillon's ice cream is the best in Paris.

さらに歩き続けシテ島のノートルダム寺院を通過してルーブル美術館に到着。美術館内のカフェLe Cafe Marly でカフェ・オ・レとクロワッサンで一休み。今のところここのカフェ・オ・レが一番おいしかった。
Keep walking to Chatedrale Notre Dame de Paris in Ile de La Cite (Cite Island), then to Musee du Louvre. The Museum's cafe, Le Cafe Marley has a great Cafe au lait and serves breakfast and lunch.

After shopping of kitchen goods at Gallery La Fayette Maison, exclusive French department store, I head to Rue des Rosiers, a famous street for falafel. Personally, I don't think they exceeds home made falafel but the ambiance of the street and the falafel stores were quite interesting.

The plan was to proceed to have crepes at Rue des Francs-Bourgeois in Marais district but I was still full with the falafel!  Crepes has been postponed to the next time. It was a busy but satisfying (both for mind and tummy) day in Paris.


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