Wednesday, April 24, 2013

究極のチョコレート・ケーキ - Pursuit for an ultimate chocolate cake

There is a lot to learn about a chocolate cake. It is relatively easy to bake but it is quite difficult to achieve excellence in all aspects including taste, texture and presentation. I guess a definition of 'a perfect chocolate cake' is rather subjective but pursuit for perfect chocolate continues. This is a recipe that uses cocoa powder instead of chocolate.

Bought the most expensive cocoa (for baking) that I could find at a supermarket. The cocoa quality was reflect in the flavour.

レシピ/ Recipe
125g バター/butter
1/2 cup 砂糖/sugar
3 x 卵/eggs
3/4 cup 小麦粉/Self Raising flour
1/2 cup ココア/cocoa
  1. バターと砂糖としっかり攪拌し、卵を加える。 Beat the butter and sugar until creamy and add eggs.
  2. ココアと小麦粉を混ぜて1に加える。Shift the flour and cocoa and stir into 1
  3. 20cmのケーキ型に入れ、180度のオーブンで35分。Pour the mixture into 20cm cake tin, bake at 180c oven for 35min.
  4. できあがり!Done!

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