Tuesday, April 2, 2013

おいしいドバイ(2)- High calorie diet

UAEs average daily caloric the average daily caloric intake per person in the UAE in 2005 was just over 3,000 calories - almost a third above the recommended amount for a healthy person. 20-25% of the total population are struggling with obesity. These stats shows why UAE residents loves carbo-loaded food.

Dubai Mall で人気のチーズケーキ・ファクトリーカフェのケーキは4人でシェアしても多いぐらいのサイズを皆、普通に食べている。チップスやバーガーなどカロリーの高いメニューが中心。
Popular Cheesecake factory cafe in the Dubai mall offers mega size cakes, big enough to share with four people. It was incredible to see many people have the mega size cake as dessert after another high calorie meal like chips and burgers.

ほどほど摂取がドバイでおいしく健康的に食べるカギだ。Moderation is the key to survival while in Dubai.


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