Sunday, April 1, 2012

デパート・カフェ - David Jones Garden City

なんだかレトロな気分に浸って、Garden City shopping centre内のDavid Jones restaurantへ。古き良き、という言葉が似合うオールドファッションなサービスとランチ時間帯以外のスペシャル・セットがうれしい。
David Jones restaurant at Garden City shopping centre provide a trip trip experience with its old fashioned service. Special sets outside lunch hours are good value for money.

The best spot is, of course, next to the window where you can do 'people watching' on the groud level shopping floor. All staff looked very experienced. They give you a small plate to share before asking. Such services don't always happen in Perth.

Other cafes at Garden City is alway busy, so DJ cafe is a good spot to relax before/after shopping.


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