Thursday, March 29, 2012


シティで平日のランチ時間にゆっくり座れてかつ使えるカフェを見つけるのは至難の業だ。Secret Gardenやthe Bucketは混んでいて、テイクアウェイのVelvetやShmearsも行列が。そんな中でHilton hotelビル内のSt Georges Terrace側にあるCastroは12時過ぎでもゆっくり座れる。

It is a difficult task to find a nice quiet cafe during weekday lunch hours in the City. Secret Garden and the Bucket are usually full and there are long lines for takeaway at Velvet and Shmears. 'Castro' may be the solution for those who need a quiet space for quality conversation during busy lunch hours. Castro is located in the Parmelia Hilton building facing St Georges Terrace.

Castro has a relatively healthy range of food including pies, quiche and salad. There is also a range of sweets such as muffins and small cakes. Coffee - not as good as Velvet but satisfactory. Nectarine and bean shoot salad was unique but surprisingly nice.

Castro cafe
The lobby, 191 St Georges Terrace, Perth

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