Thursday, April 5, 2012

シティのサンドイッチ2 - Just Eat

事務所のスタッフがいつもJust Eatのケータリングを強く勧めるので、ティクアウェイにトライした。
I investigated Just Eat takeaway as it was highly recommended by people at my office. The store at Woodside plaza is clean, near and offer a range of healthy options. I bought a vegetarian sandwich (with avocado) and rush back to the office to try.

The verdict -package is well made and I can see it is suitable for catering, however I couldn't go without noticing dryness of sandwich bread.

It is not bad but not good enough to replace the top 2 of takeaway city sandwich ranking. I would place Just East at 3rd for now but I expect the ranking to change very quickly....

シティのサンドイッチランキング(ティクアウェイ部門)/ City - Takeaway sandwich ranking
1. Tartine cafe
2. Shemears
3. Just Eat


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