Monday, April 16, 2012


St Georges Terraceの真ん中にあるSentinelはいつも人で一杯なのでずっと気になっていた。Sentinel Bar & Grill is located in the middle of St Georges Terrace. It has been on my radar for quite some time as there are always many people inside throughout a day.

メニューの選択肢は少ないが、厳選されたアイテムばかりでかなり迷った。お昼に売り切れてしまった、という和牛バーガーが食べたかった。The menu is rather small but it is a hard task to choose one out of the well selected items. Wagyu burger was already sold out during lunch time!

迷った末にKing Fishのサラダ添え。量も多すぎず少なすぎず、いろいろなフレーバーが重なり満足度もかなり高い。仲間が頼んだラムやマッシュルーム・パイも同様のハイレベルな仕上がり。After going through the menu several time, I decided on seared king fish with nicoise salad, mimosa dressing. A harmony of different flavour created a heavenly sensation in my mouth. Roast lamb shoulder and mushroom ragout pie that my company ordered looked similarly appetising.

デザートはスパイスのきいたクレーム・ブリュレ。これは2人で分けてちょうどよいぐらい大きい。一緒に頼んだshort macchiatoにぴったり。Five spice brulee (dessert) matched very well with short macchiato. It was big enough to share with two people.

また是非行きたいレストラン。客の半分が仕事関係、残り半分はプライベート・ディナーのようだった。朝・昼・夜と営業しているのでかなり便利。I will go back to Sentinel. 50% of customers seems to be for business and the other seemed to be having private dinners with friends and partners. Sentinel is open for breakfast, lunch and dinner.

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